[Video] how to NOT be a hacking noob in 2022 // ft. John Hammond

@John Hammond is going to teach us how to hack and stop being noobs.

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21 Comments on “[Video] how to NOT be a hacking noob in 2022 // ft. John Hammond”

  1. I am trying to learn basics and have Linux Lite on a Physical Computer on my Home Office LAN, is that safer than using a VM on my Business Main PC for learning? Obviously I could restore a VM on my Windows 10 a bit quicker than restoring a dedicated USB or SSD Linux if I screwed things up or got Hacked? Which is safer?

  2. Well as an intermediate programmer in Java, loops functions (better known as methods in Java) and variables are very familiar to me and i love creating bots in Java, i can get on my laptop, press 1 key on my keyboard and sip my coffee while watching my laptop open the shell and then immediately open Google Chrome and then open YouTube, or i can press a different key and watch my laptop open shell and then open Google and then open upwork, i hard coded my laptop to go to my most important websites by just pressing 1 key when i open my laptop, now that im looking into hacking, omg it seems so easy cause alot of this stuff is so familiar already, i just need to get me a Linux machine and start practicing on hacking my other laptop and controlling it from my Linux, that would be so awesome

  3. Over the years I've kinda figured out how to do specific things with computers. But when I decided this past month to get into ethical hacking, being a visual learner I realized I needed to learn more about networking. I have a background on the phone side. But that's how I found your channel. Love your energy Chuck.
    Thanks for doing this series!!

  4. I’m 38 years old transitioning from Digital Marketing (SEO and website design) to CyberSecurity. There’s such a huge need for it. I’m also way more passionate about this than marketing. So if you ever want to make a career change, it’s never too late.

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