[Video] if if if if if….elif

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In this episode of Learn Python RIGHT NOW, NetworkChuck teaches how to let good Ben in using Nested Ifs and Elif statements!

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  1. What I use to learn (the BEST IT training): https://ntck.co/itprotv (30% off FOREVER) *affiliate link

    In this episode of Learn Python RIGHT NOW, NetworkChuck teaches how to let good Ben in using Nested Ifs and Elif statements!

    FREE Python Lab: https://ntck.co/pythonep5
    Support the course: https://ntck.co/pythonrightnow

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    0:00 ⏩ Intro
    2:50 ⏩ Figure out if Ben is EVIL
    3:23 ⏩ STEP ONE: Ask Ben if he is evil
    4:22 ⏩ NEW CONCEPT: Nested IFs!!
    5:48 ⏩ Nest the code under the Second If statement
    6:38 ⏩ No nice Greeting for Nice Ben?!
    7:18 ⏩ Make Ben feel special!!
    9:50 ⏩ Robot Barista is doing a great job but changes are needed
    11:03 ⏩ Messy fix for the menu
    12:46 ⏩ NEW CONCEPT: Else If (ELIF)
    14:58 ⏩ Let’s add an else
    16:25 ⏩ CHALLENGE: Whipped Cream??
    17:04 ⏩ Outro

  2. Maybe this is covered later but its an issue I encounter quite a lot.. These are all case sensitive.. if I type Ben… it asks am I evil.. If I type Yes.. it kicks me out the shop… if I type yes it thinks i'm a good guy.. same with coffee orders… it doesn't see when case is not matched… how to fix this?

  3. Hey chuck you rock dude!! Because of you I’m gonna pursue a career in I.T./Program Dev, as I am already a Dev for NFT Projects, but I’ve always wanted to learn the coding for all of it, so here I am!

    I am running your Free Python Lab on my Mac, but the top part of my coding screen is white, while the bottom is blue, anyway to change that?

    I tried night mode, but then it takes away all the colors for the certain codes, anyone have a clue? Thanks again!

  4. Thank you so much for supplying everyone with this series! I was able to complete the whipped cream challenge on my first try. I am very glad that I am actually learning!!

  5. Challenge Whipped Cream Completed : 👍👍 👍 . The reason we are able to learn fast , easy and in an interesting way is because of your teaching style you teach in a very fun way . Awesome Episode !! Going for the next episode

  6. Amazing so far. I went from not knowing code yesterday to writing my own Barista in tandem with this. Even have a replit account now for it.

    Going to attempt to build a game with only what was learned from 1-5. Honestly almost had it but could not figure out "elif" on my own.

    Keep up the great work! You are honestly one of the greatest teachers I have had the pleasure to learn from.

  7. I'm not going to lie… your style of teaching is 🤌🤌 I'll be a greedy SOB but if you could could continue this series with concepts like string methods strip, slice, dictionaries, functions, loops nested loops, I mean… If you could do that, I'll love it otherwise still solid work🤍

  8. when i did evil_status = input("are you bad evil") and then i wrote evil_status == "yes": they would say that : is not valid and they cant find it or understand what it is can you help

  9. I want to ask what if the customer wants to buy multiple things? For example, I want black coffee but also espresso, then what am I gonna do? Just type it in?

  10. i completed the challenge, it was pretty easy
    elif order == "Latte":

    Cream = input("Would you like some whipped cream for $3 extra?n")

    if Cream == "Yes" or Cream == "yes":

    price = 6


    price = 3

  11. #welcoming the costumers

    print("nHello!, Welcome to Siddhu Coffeen")

    #Ask your customer what is their name is with the input() function and store that in the variable name.

    name = input("nWhat is your Name?n ")

    if name == "Ben":

    evil_Status = input("Are you evil?n")

    if evil_Status == "Yes":

    print("You aren't welcome here. Just Get out")



    print("Ohh, so you're one of the good Ben. Welcome to Siddhu Coffee.n")


    print("nHello " + name + ", Thank You so much for Coming.n")

    # Menu

    menu = "Black coffee, Expresso, Cuppucino, latte, chai"

    #Ask the costumer what want to order from the menu. then store it in the variable order.

    order = input("n" + name + ", What are you willing to Order today? Here is our today's Special.nn" + menu + "n")

    #puting the price of coffee

    if order == "chai":

    price = 15

    elif order == "Black Coffee":

    price = 3

    elif order == "Expresso":

    price = 9

    elif order == "Cuppucino":

    price = 12

    elif order == "latte":

    cream = input("Do You want Wipped cream? Yes or No?")

    if cream == "Yes":

    price = 20


    price = 10


    print("Sorry, we don't have that here.")


    #It will display the cost of each item

    print("nnThe price of " + order + " is : $" + str(price) + "/itemn")

    #asking the costumer how many of the items they want to have

    quantity = input("How many " + order + " you want to Have?n")

    total_cost = price * int(quantity)

    #showing the bill amount and saying your order will come soon

    print("Thank you. Here is your Total bill amount: $" + str(total_cost))

    print("nSounds good!! " + name + ", we'll have your " + quantity + " " + order + ". Ready to Serve You.")

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