[Video] make CRAZY money in tech (top 5 Entry-Level Certs)

Cyberstart is helping teens learn cybersecurity, you can teach the younger generation too!! Go to and receive 10% off using code: CS-NWC-10 This code is good for one year, so go learn RIGHT NOW!

Our 5 top entry…

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  1. Cyberstart is helping teens learn cybersecurity, you can teach the younger generation too!! Go to https://cyberstart.io/playtoday and receive 10% off using code: CS-NWC-10 This code is good for one year, so go learn RIGHT NOW!

    Our 5 top entry level certifications for HelpDesk, Security, Networking, Ethical Hacking, and Cloud! We show you what type of job in the industry you can get into, income, how much the certification will cost you and more!!

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    0:00 ⏩ Intro

    0:25 ⏩ The 5 Categories!

    0:39 ⏩ Criteria for Our favorite Certs!!

    1:07 ⏩ Our Top HelpDesk Certification

    2:48 ⏩ The best Security Certification

    4:09 ⏩ Top Networking Certification

    5:28 ⏩ The Cloud Certification

    6:19 ⏩ The Ethical hacking Best Certification

    7:37 ⏩ What you need to break into the IT industry!

    7:58 ⏩ How to study for these certs!!

    8:34 ⏩ Outro

  2. Hi Chuck! Thanks for the infos. Wanted to check with these certificates, can you work remote from other countries too or do you have to be in the same location of those top companies (because mostly they are located in the USA, and I am not from there)
    Appreciate the answer!

  3. Thank you for this informative video!!! I am a student currently getting my bachelors in Networking/Security Engineering. I wanted to get my Masters in Cybersecurity and was wondering if this mix of Networking and Cybersecurity would be a good fit. Any advice or suggestions(I guess it the same-thing) would be greatly appreciated! Again, thanks for the Great Video!!!

  4. love your vids.. im working on sec+ right now.. i have net+ and a+. ill probably start working on ccna and pen+ after i get the sec+. thank you for this.

  5. lol 53k is starter in US? For helpdesk??! I do not have even close of that in Czech Republic for being Android Developer with university 😀

  6. great video…I am kind of uncertain about the path I am going to take…I am studying mechanical engineering but I love to learn about networking and get these certifications to get into IT world because it is more easy to find a job! but I heard not having a related degree to IT from university, makes finding a job harder! so do you suggest starting to develop these IT skills , or stick to my own field and learn skills related to mechanical engineering?

  7. when I started my IT career with my A+ I was making $1200 a month. That's a whooping $14,400 a year. I've never seen a help desk job anywhere near 53k. 😆

  8. IT is a black hole. Don’t do it. There will be a day when you actually want your life to matter and not just be about money. IT will trap you on a hamster will of endless certs that you will never use.

  9. I recently obtained my technical support fundamentals certification which will help land a help desk job as you both said. I applied to work a medical facility as a pc technician hopefully it works out for me. I currently work at the local Walmart and am extremely unhappy with my work environment so hopefully it works out. If I get enough likes I might update you when I get it😉

  10. I have to buy the exam after I watch the training videos? Or does buying the exam include the training I need to pass the exam? Thank you for your videos I'm new to IT and you are making it interesting and some what simple to understand. I don't know if you require that I join to get an answer but I looked at your prices and will consider

  11. I like how you skipped over the Net+ in favor of CCNA. I studied for the net+ until I realized that the CCNA is a way better cert for a little bit cheaper than the Net+ as well. Wish I would have seen this video when it first came out.

  12. just want to give a big thank you for your stream enjoy it a lot still behind on your vidz as I enjoy it so much I even signed up to be a member keep it up dude 🤣🤣🤣

  13. When I started 20 years ago, MCP, MCSA, and MCSE were your golden tickets. I got the MCSE in 2002 and it's still paying dividends 🙂

  14. guys i have like no money in the bank and have been looking for entry level jobs in things like data entry or just anything helpdesk related? Any sites besides indeed that will help? feel like im shooting into a void

  15. I think this is great info. Now with these certificates do you have any recommendations with what prior knowledge one should have. Like can most of these be attained by someone who is just starting to bridge into the tech world or would the best bet be the help desk and work your way up?

  16. Taking these certs from AWS, Salesforce and other software companies is literal hell, poorly run and designed courses, hyper-specific to single software, basically a salespitch for their software, and we pay for it lol. Unless you NEED the tick on the CV for a job then learn on the job or YouTube, these courses ESPECIALLY AWS ones are for mugs

  17. Bro, first of all you’re my hero. Secondly this was exactly what I was looking for. I’m thinking to make a career switch to IT. Everyone says to focus on achieved certification but they didn’t tell me really clear which one and where to start. I will definitely make work of it.

  18. What would you say is the difficulty level of the certs that you mention? The only computer cert I've taken is the Splunk Power User it didn't seem too bad. I have thought of getting the A+.

  19. I have the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. I actually got it almost 3 years ago and it is going to expire in one month (august 2022). I don't plan on renewing it right away. The most I can say for that cert is that it is EXTREMELY bare bones / entry level. It does not have you 'doing' anything in the AWS platform. It simply teaches you an overview of the services and what they are used for. AWS has a huge number of different services and it's important to understand how they work, but if you are looking for a cert that gets you experience working on the platform and actually proves you can do it, I would skip it and move straight to the Solutions Architect. It will be much more difficult but will actually show employers you can get the job done.

    On another note, recommending certifications is such a rabbit hole. If you feel like you need the basics and have the patience, then get the super basic cert and move up. Assuming you don't lose interest along the way, like I did 🙁

  20. Question about a career change from Corporate Retail to Entry-Level I.T. I am in my mid 40's. Is the I.T field a young man's game or will I be able to make the career transition with the correct Cert? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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