[Video] MX Linux 21: An Increasingly Popular Distro

MX Linux 21 setup and demonstration, including the three available desktop environments (Xfce, KDE and Fluxbox). You can learn more about and download MX Linux at:

My video “Linux Survival Guide #3: GPU Drivers & Printing” which I refer to is here:

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  1. a year ago, my unity hung and the whole MX Linux hung behind it. I restarted the computer and it no longer started from MX Linux, boot error. It's not stable

  2. Is there a way to convert your NFTS Hdd to EXT4 without losing your files, or having to do a full HD reset?
    And in the meantime also install Linux?

    I would love to try Linux, but I simply don't have the space to partition, and I know you can easily convert a Fat partition to NFTS from Windows itself, so I was wondering if the same can be done with Linux.

  3. In my install, the mouse cursor was too fast and tended to disappear, got some freezes, never could get Rhythmbox to work reliably. But the machine was also crashing running windows 10 which is why I went to Linux. After doing some RAM tinkering went back to W 10 and still get BSOD now and then so I ordered some new RAM and replaced the heat sink fans. Great fun to be had with old desktops.

  4. MX has been my go to for a while now mainly because i can take a snapshot of my desktop setup and put it on a usb drive and take it with me wherever i go.

  5. Please, do a little research before recommending any OS. This OS is unable to import OpenVPN files with user nobody as I have for my home network. I spent several hours to configure the system to realise I have to remove it all and install another distro like Manjaro.

  6. You didn't really mention or skipped quickly past the MX welcome screen, which covers MX tweak, codec installation and popular software among other things. The ridiculous default side taskbar can be be quickly switched via MX tweak to a more traditional bottom taskbar or even top, if that floats your boat. But I can't imagine anyone wanting a side taskbar – it's just so wrong and cheapens anyone's first impression of XFCE MX Linux.

    That however is my only nit picking gripe against an excellent distro I've been using for several years as my daily driver. You also glossed over MX tools – the one thing that makes MX Linux head and shoulders above any other. MX Cleanup is simple safe utility so you can avoid the potentially damaging 'bleachbit' that is often recommended on Linux sites. Then there's Conky Manager to easily change themes (many provided) and as far as I'm aware unique to MX. Then there's the MX snapshot feature which makes a bootable ISO of your running system complete with all your password etc and makes a perfect backup. It also has the option of not saving your passwords or data files, so you can pass your customised version on to friends.

    It's a shame most people only seem to try this on lesser hardware because it's just as good on modern hardware with or without the AHS option. My main PC is a fairly recently built Ryzen and while I do use the AHS version since 21 came out, I didn't notice any problems using 19 without AHS.

  7. 750 MB occupied is nothing special. My Manjaro KDE has 719 occupied after starting up. That's a full install, it's for over a year on that laptop now. And if I remove yakuake from autostart then I get that down to 600 MB.
    XFCE is not lightweight anymore for at least 8 years now.

  8. I was testing many distros during years on Linux, and I think Linux Mint is a best option, performance, settings, software, and good looking distro …. what can be better ? 😁

  9. For anyone trying this from live disk the password is demo.
    Never seen a live disk need a password before….lightweight/fast, but kinda…….strange distro.

  10. I did test drive this two linux distros lately such as ubuntu and mx-21 on my old laptop…..Before installing, I deleted all partitions in the hdd and went on with Ubuntu…After successful installation however it failed to boot up….I tried to solve the problem by googling but unfortunately it still persist…Then I tried MX-21 which to my astonishment booted up my laptop without any problem….which is simply amazing….Now that I wanted to add another distro like Kubuntu that I know the reason why Ubuntu failed to boot…all because of EFI boot stub which got to do with UEFI boot loader. MX-21 is a lovely linux system which is simple for a window user…. Great MX-21!!! 👍👍👍

  11. mx is the best distro, from years nowadays; it can be run also to a potato, basically, it can revive any pc from the last 20 years

  12. Been trying out mx Linux on a mac mini with an Intel from 2011. Running with the smaller distro it moves rather quickly. I like mint, but I started learning with a Fabian based system and I really like the interface on the mx Linux. Thank you for the video.

  13. I do wonder what kind of trouble you would cause while roaming the streets Christopher ahahaha, please do a review of EndeavourOS or Arch Linux vanilla!

  14. I am thinking about switching over to Linux and was wondering if you can use a 4 monitor set up on this distro? I use 2 monitors with onboard video and 2 monitors with my AMD graphics card. Thank you in advance if anyone knows.

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