[Video] Top 5 Raspberry Pi Desktop OS 2022

The best Raspberry Pi desktop operating systems demonstrated – but what is my final ranking of Ubuntu MATE, Twister OS, Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu and Manjaro?

My “Raspberry Pi 4 Week” video — in which I used a Raspberry Pi 4 as my only computer for a week — is here:

My more detailed Pi OS review…

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  1. I use 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS Bullsye mostly, I feel that the OS is not somewhere I like to dwell, it’s all about launching the application where the productivity is done. The others are fun to play with but as long as I can launch VS Code and start work, the differences in OS don’t matter.

    For a distraction free environment, I user Fireworkz! in RISCOS Direct for writing. I keep a RISCOS SD card to switch in when I need to turn out some prose.

  2. A viewer of many years, I love watching your channel especially your SBC reviews, I had installed Manjaro a long while back but after a quick look the sd card went into a pile and wasn't pulled out until this week. Day 2 and I have reinstalled onto a 256Gig ssd. I'm now running 22.04 testing branch, KDE Plasma, overclocked with fully functional vulkan drivers. I love it, it has replaced Twister as my main OS. I might even try resurrect an Odroid XU4 currently running Android. Mmm Can you please help us all with writing to EMMC (?) drives, gosh they are tricky.

  3. But ooh, 64 bit Raspberry OS. I wonder if it's worth installing the 64 bit on a 3b+ running off a 120gig m.2 ssd. I'm going to try that. I have a spare 3B too, you did pi-hole I'm certain. Much love and gratitude for your wisdom. I better get busy.

  4. I would like a review of MX Linux Pi and SuSE Linux Pi please! I do not own a Pi. yet and those 2 are my most favorite Linux distros! Did not know SuSE had a pi version!

  5. I have tried various distros over the years, mainly on low powered Windows machines but haven't found one that I could really get used to. This list has given me some ideas.

  6. Great Video. Thank You. I am a newbie when i get my Raspberry Pi 4 4GB with pre installed Pi OS, but i wanted to ask as you seem to do lectures do you have a direct contact in case i need serious help lol? 🙂

  7. Very nice review, I tend to get the best experience from Raspberry Pi OS on my 400 as well, especially since they released the 64bit version. The dropped frames in Firefox annoys me, though. It's always about 5% and overclocking the CPU and/or the GPU has no effect. It's very strange but it must be a Firefox issue, since Chromium can do it, as you've shown.

  8. Great video CB! I was just thinking about getting my RPi units back out of storage, after a relocation last year. I'd like to compile Qt6 for the RPi anyway–but now I have some great ideas about which OS to go get. That Twister OS looks very cool, especially with those desktop performance widgets in their standard theme, but as others have said: In the end I always seem to just go with the stock OS from the RPi folks. But your work on making this video saved me a TON of time, so I greatly appreciate you making/posting it!

    It's also great to see you closing in on 1M subscribers! It will be a very exciting day for you when that happens, I'm sure–but you definitely deserve it, given the work you do in putting all these presentations together!

  9. Why are people bothering with these little pi computers? At $35 they make sense. At $200 they don't. For $100 to $200, one can get a decent Celeron system that's much more powerful — and they're available!

  10. Fantastic video, can i ask…is it possible to set up a pi server with multi masters for redundancy and also CDN and cluster. Basically im looking to create a decentralized mesh network with redundancy but there is NO dual master not clusters in case of master node failure, only slave redundance in that other pi's in a cluster would take up the workload. Kindest regards
    Chris, a fellow brit in Singapore

  11. Interesting video – I've got a Pi 3B I've had for YEARS now and I was actually wondering about moving away from Raspbian to Ubuntu Mate but after seeing this I'll stick with Raspbian. It does everything I need it to. Its been on continuously for like 3 years at this point and its always doing something. I'm not aware that its ever crashed apart from the odd time we've had the power off or its cut out.

  12. I am surprised MX Linux didn't make it in the top five, it is more true Debian based and has more tools than Ubuntu, and as usual, otherwise a very informative video

  13. Chris, I have thoroughly enjoyed your many videos on computers and most recently on the Raspberry Pi.
    I would hope you would do a thorough review of Berry Boot with dual monitors in the near future. While I have successfully used Berry Boot, I have yet to have it working with two monitors on any of Berry Boot installs. I have installed Berry Boot on a GeekWorm, Deskpi Pro, and Argon One using Ubuntu, Majaro, Raspbery Pi, and Kali and none will provide dual monitors when booting with Berry Boot. They do provide dual monitors when I boot directly with those OSs, except Kali will actually display the Berry Boot drive.
    So, I am hoping you will do a review on this and see if you can solve the problem. Again, thank you for the many years of Explaining Computers.

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