TM Wholesale partners Swarmio for Gaming and e-Sport Services


TM WHOLESALE, the wholesale domestic and international business arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), and Swarmio Media Holdings Inc, a global gaming and esports technology company, announced that they have signed a master collaboration agreement to provide gaming and e-sport services across the ASEAN region.

As part of the agreement, TM WHOLESALE will provide Swarmio with access to its extensive coverage and wide-reaching network and infrastructure ecosystems in order to bring Ember, Swarmio’s plug and play gaming and e-sports platform, closer to users.

This will also allow Swarmio’s Latency-optimised Edge Computing technology to expand, enabling Ember subscribers to enjoy ultra-low-latency gaming experiences with faster download speeds.

The collaboration will see TM WHOLESALE actively participate in the marketing, distribution, and sales of Ember to its existing customer network of major telcos across the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

Commenting on the collaboration, Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, Executive Vice President of TM WHOLESALE said, “The gaming and e-sports industry has become one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment over the last two years, and looking at this thriving, mega-dollar industry emerging to be a game changer, TM WHOLESALE is thrilled to be part of this new business opportunity.”

“This collaboration is an exciting milestone for TM WHOLESALE as we continue to adapt to the current digital trend and expand our business, going beyond just connectivity. It complements the edge ecosystem offerings that we have been working on for content and digital solutions, which we call TM Edge solution. It will be amazing to collaborate with a partner like Swarmio on this new venture and bring the power of the gaming industry to our telecom partners across the region,” added Amar further.

Meanwhile, Vijai Karthigesu, Chief Executive Officer of Swarmio Media, said, “We are incredibly excited to be working with TM WHOLESALE – a leading force in ASEAN’s telecommunication market – and benefiting from their strong reputation and extensive network to grow our platform’s reach with telcos across a number of key regions. This collaboration enables us to significantly boost our operations and deliver a high-quality gaming and e-sports service to telco users in ASEAN. We are confident that this will be an impactful and lucrative partnership over the months and years to come.”

Swarmio’s fully managed, plug-and-play Ember platform can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with major telco operations, allowing telcos to engage and monetise gaming subscribers, ultimately gaining immediate and meaningful access to the multi-billion-dollar market. It provides a proprietary digital hub for gaming communities, enabling them to access an ultra-low-latency playing experience, competitive tournaments, exclusive gaming content, manage communities, gamification and points system, online store (Swarmio Store), gamer e-wallet (Swarmio Pay), as well as customised digital content

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TM Wholesale partners Swarmio for Gaming and e-Sport Services 2
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TM Wholesale partners Swarmio for Gaming and e-Sport Services 4
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