[Video] CPU Upgrade: How to Change a Desktop PC Processor

Processor upgrade for a desktop PC, and specifically a 10th generation Intel i5 10400 fitted in computer that had a Pentium G6400. But as a general guide, the video covers checking motherboard compatibility for a new CPU, cooler removal, CPU exchange, and comparative Passmark tests.

My recent video “Explaining Motherboard Chipsets”,…

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  1. Come on Chris, installing an Intel CPU is piece of cake! Installing an AMD AM4 CPU, where the pins are on the processor (PGA) instead of on the socket, and thus way more riskier, is which separate the men from the boys haha. Kidding of course, your videos are always helpful.

  2. Chris and everyone reading this My son started building computers over the lockdown. I came across a Hp Compaq 6300 Pro MT i5 3570 cpu 3.40 ghz with integrated 2500 graphics which I believe is low end stock. I upgraded Ram but now I want to get other parts to upgrade with my son. The info I found says I need a 3.5 sata ssd but the price is not even close to the budget. Can anyone help with compatible upgrade parts? Can I use m.2 ssd ? I’m looking to add to or upgrade storage to ssd and hHd . What cpu ,graphics and hard drive will work?

  3. Do you know anything about scsi 25pin card? I was given a lenovo think center and wonder if i can tweak it into a budget gaming pc…

    I found this weird port on a card that has a huge ass heatsink and im guessing it's scsi from some googling.

  4. they still havent worked out a way to be able to mount fans to cpu outside the motherboard. it's nerve wrecking mounting fans, especially bigger third party good blowers, which need to be configured just right for specific cpu. the final mounting is also shocking, as you cant see well how it's going and newest fan mounting gear is new to you.
    no cpu paste?

  5. Have old dell pc that came with windows 7 and intel core i5. This pc won't allow upgrade to windows 11. Will changing out the hard drive to a ssd or the processor to a suitable cpu allow the pc to upgraded to windows 11? Thanks to anyone that can help.

  6. Wish I had seen this video BEFORE I built a machine based on an F-suffix i3 CPU, and got nothing but five beeps from the board – CPU error.
    Took lots of searching to find out that this beep code was NOT a CPU error per-se', but that the MB could not find a graphics sub-system to start.
    Must have removed and replaced the CPU about ten times, trying to find out WHY I had a CPU error, when it really was a GPU error. Sigh….
    Gigabyte H510M S2H V2 motherboard. Having FINALLY discovered that it was really the lack of a GPU that was going on – while Gigabyte beep codes kept telling me it was a CPU error, I finally installed a PCIe graphics card and things now work. Tainted my support of GB motherboards though. The beep-code should have been something OTHER then CPU error, to stop me chasing my tail for days on end thinking there was a CPU problem or a dead motherboard…… Sigh.

  7. Two notes for viewers that might get you going if you experience loading/booting problems with new installed CPU? (as Chris states, always check if BIOS update is required while original CPU is still in-place – and make sure you get the right motherboard type and version)
    1: If system/Windows fails to load after new CPU installation, continue to relocate/swap RAM modules around and try again.
    2: Your system may also fail to load if no signal is present for your monitor after new CPU installation, so relocate graphics card (if discrete) and try again.

  8. So I looked inside my PC and the CPU is attached to the Motherboard and can't be put out. Also there is nothing that holds it since it is attached to the Motherboard. I don't know how to upgrade the CPU. Can anyone help?

  9. Windows will magically get unlicensed with a hardware change? what on earth is that about. I've changed my hardware a few times, never got any issues with windows. And that shouldn't happen because changing the hardware has nothing to do with windows… Or is this some stupid Win 11 thing?

  10. Before watching this video I'm wondering what's the point of having to buy the CPU separately from the motherboard when you're never going to use the motherboard again so they might as well just have the motherboard come with the CPU built into it.

    Every time I go to get a new processor I always have to get a new motherboard.

  11. Is the BIOS upgrade thing that stupid thing I heard about where you have to buy two CPUs the one you want to use and a shittier one so that you can upgrade it and then put the new one in there? Really dumb you can't just use the better CPU in a limited way fist like how you can use a monitor before your graphics card drivers get installed.

  12. Ha ha, I also breathed a sigh of relief when your computer fired up after the upgrade! I kind-of thought it would though, or else you probably wouldn't have uploaded the video!

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