[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs

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In this video NetworkChuck’s wife Abbey tries to go from a complete Linux noob to a Linux+ certified pro in 24 hours. Do you think she can do it?!


[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs 1
[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs 2
[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs 3
[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs 4
[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs 5

32 Comments on “[Video] forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs”

  1. My wife got angry at Windows and switched to Linux POP OS in one day and she is still using it a year later, maybe your wife just needs to find that inner anger LOL 😀

  2. Haha well I gotta say I want to learn more from your wife. She seemed realy into it lol. Haha. For real thow that was asome. I'm always so excited when my wife is willing to trying somthing in the computer world. Cudos and I hope you get the likes to have her get linux sertified

  3. You have to get the VIEWS! This is a slippery slope though. If this becomes your best viewed video, you are are going to have to top it ;). COME ON 50k likes!

  4. I hope no one thinks this is a good representation of someone's first day trying to use linux coming from win/mac. Most people want to use their PC like they want to use their microwave: give input, press buttons, get output. They don't need or want to learn how a voltage transformer works. Ubuntu or even Manjaro with Gnome is more than good for most people who want to ditch win/mac. Yeah, there's a learning curve just like there is if you go from win<->mac for the first time. CentOS is like buying a DIY-microwave kit; if you don't know what you're doing you'll probably hurt yourself.

  5. Best video… this is how a marriage looks like. This was good fun. Don't care for Linux but I wanted to see if she by some reason passed the test. That would have been me subscribing to the channel.

  6. Linux is nice and basic. The commands and console are simple and the gui customization is super user-fit. However, Linux, like every other O/S has it's own issues. But overall, not a bad O/S.

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