[Video] VisionFive RISC-V Linux SBC

The VisionFive is one of the first lower-cost RISC-V computers able to run a full version of Linux. Video includes full hardware specification, and demonstrations running Fedora Linux and various desktop applications.

The VisionFive is made by StarFive — — who provide support at:

In particular, there is a VisionFive “Quick Start Guide” and specification here:

You can learn more about RISC-V at — and in my video “Explaining RISC-V”:

The web page providing information on SiFive’s range of RISC-V processor cores, as shown in the video, is here:

The VisionFive featured in this video was purchased from Please note that this is NOT an affiliate link, and that this video was not sponsored by AllNet, StarFive or anybody else!

More videos on SBCs and wider computing and related topics can be found at

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00:00 Introduction
01:18 RISC-V Hardware
06:57 Fedora
11:14 App Support
13:50 RISC-V Gaming
15:10 Open Computing

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[Video] VisionFive RISC-V Linux SBC 2
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30 Comments on “[Video] VisionFive RISC-V Linux SBC”

  1. playing a youtube video is an important usability test, or from your website. everyone uses this, but not everyone uses rendering of pictures or videos..

  2. I'd actually would have loved to know the power consumption on this computer vs the raspberry pi 4 – in idle and e.g. when applying that complex filter in GIMP. Just to get some numbers.

    Seeing as electricity becomes way more expensive, perhaps a RISC-V-powered computer could be more efficient than even ARM-based computers are? That'd be definitely a selling point, though since it's probably somewhat early, I doubt it is as efficient, let alone more efficient at this time. But perhaps in the future? Who knows :).

  3. The way a computer functions has not changed since the first CPU’s were made. The limitations were money, the greater the number of registers the higher the cost.
    Does risk-V include division? 😀

  4. When you mentioned gaming, the likes of Solitaire and Minesweeper came to mind. Then you said "Quake" and my jaw dropped! Witnessing a dawn of something that has the potential to change the world is truly incredible. Thank you for bringing this to us Chris, you are amazing!

  5. It'd be good to do comparisons of power consumed by these SBCs rather than the recommended as that needs lots of headroom. I am curious if there is a significant power penalty with riscv as sbcs often have power constraints.

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