[Video] Adding stuff to a Python List

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In this episode of Python RIGHT NOW! NetworkChuck is going to expand our knowledge of Python lists by walking us through some of the most helpful Python methods related to Python lists, because our…

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[Video] Adding stuff to a Python List 2
[Video] Adding stuff to a Python List 3
[Video] Adding stuff to a Python List 4
[Video] Adding stuff to a Python List 5

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    0:00 ⏩ Intro

    0:43 ⏩ Let me show you something awesome!

    1:43 ⏩ Let’s get started!

    2:15 ⏩ I can’t believe you forgot the toilet paper…

    2:50 ⏩ New concept time! Methods!

    4:45 ⏩ Add in a bidet!

    5:46 ⏩ exteeeeeeeeeend

    6:42 ⏩ Another fun way to extend!

    8:20 ⏩ Add items wherever you want!

    9:24 ⏩ Challenge time! Can you do it?

    10:43 ⏩ Outro

  2. Dang, I thought I had a good knowledge on anything computer related but your explanations proved that I used shortcuts to know certain stuffs. Thanks for these videos, tutorial, guides and just being an awesome person.

  3. To everyone who wants to continue with Python,

    Mike Dane has a series on pretty much every language. I watched his full Python series and from there I started building apps. The best starter series out there.

    Codemy – Great content for when you want to actually build something.

    Jeremy's IT Lab – throwing this in there because his CCNA course is far beyond anything you can find on youtube.

    Keep going!

  4. Greetings!!!!

    I'm Musfira, i'm from Kashmir and i am 12 years old. I watched your videos about Python. And I want to learn Python properly. I would be grateful if you can guide me that from where i can learn it properly.

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  6. Your way of teaching stuck like white on rice. I’ve watched so many tutorials before this one and finally realized the .insert() method that -1 is not the same as print([-1]) 🫡

  7. How can I make a Python script standalone executable to run without anydependency? (from py to exe file)
    Thank you Chruck!

  8. Sir I would just like to say this whole week I’ve been following along with all of your python videos and they are so amazing, your so engaging and enthusiastic. I can’t wait for anymore python lessons if you have some coming out thank you so much 💪🏽🔥😊

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