[Video] BASH scripting will change your life

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Continue on your journey to becoming a better nerd with NetworkChuck as he shows you how to start your day off right using a BASH script!! Did you know that a BASH script can change your life? In this episode of Bash scripting RIGHT NOW, we cover a life changing bash script that uses…

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[Video] BASH scripting will change your life 2
[Video] BASH scripting will change your life 3
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42 Comments on “[Video] BASH scripting will change your life”

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    0:00 ⏩ Intro

    0:51 ⏩ Quick challenge!

    1:25 ⏩ Getting your Linux lab ready!

    2:33 ⏩ Challenge review!

    3:59 ⏩ What the junk is a variable?

    6:32 ⏩ Making bash read

    8:16 ⏩ Arguments, the not yelling kind.

    9:03 ⏩ Make your own argument!

    11:12 ⏩ Making even more variables!

    11:53 ⏩ Using our new variables!

    13:11 ⏩ Outro

  2. Seeing your vid for the first time. I already know advanced level BASH scripting, but your enthusiasm and excitement while explaining is fun, hilarious and very encouraging to beginners. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am a bash guy, learning python, Ruby etc but still end up creating bash script for automate my servers at work, with help of 'expect' I can control hundreds of servers.

  4. i want to point out that bash script it little different than other programing language it bit like c if you write name= "Patricia" the variable wont work or little minimum difference space modification or any small thing variation must have to be name="Patricia" this doesnt happen with more new language so programing big software with bash could be brain damage. but its super great to make some script with it. and understand Linux. files

  5. I really like your videos. Informative and funny. Your didactic is great and Teaching style is unique! Just one thing: don’t overdo it with pause screen and coffee break. This kinda catchphrase felt more natural in the earlier videos. Well done mate! Looking forward to seeing the next videos 💜

  6. As a guy who likes mentoring juniors… I like your teaching style!
    I kinda think bash is the new "BASIC" (speaking as, eh, a Gen X'er who grew up on a Commodore 64!)

  7. Hey hey just found your channel, i am Frontend software dev, and I've been looking to add bash scripting to my skill bucket, so far this first vide i just watched was fantastic!

  8. Love this! this concept and save some time by using a remote linux machine provided by work and doing a user status lookup just by typing in their username instead of a whole line each time – saves small amounts of time but is fun to implement into every day tasks for work!! Thanks, Chuck!

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