[Video] Ubuntu 22.04: An Excellent Linux Distro

Ubuntu 22.04 review, including installation and demo of this latest version of the popular Linux Distro. You can download Ubuntu 22.04, otherwise known as the Jammy Yellyfish, from

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[Video] Ubuntu 22.04: An Excellent Linux Distro 1
[Video] Ubuntu 22.04: An Excellent Linux Distro 2
[Video] Ubuntu 22.04: An Excellent Linux Distro 3
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22 Comments on “[Video] Ubuntu 22.04: An Excellent Linux Distro”

  1. I've stayed away from Linux since 2012 or so, but these new releases make me wanna try it again. Oh well, maybe when I can afford to experiment with my computer again.

  2. I upgraded my Notebook already, but the desktop is still waiting for 22.04.1. I must say, the process went almost without issues, except for the USB-wireless dongle. So I did the install connected to Ethernet and later installed the necessary driver. The only thing I hate in this release is the snap stuff. With the help of the community is was fixed quite quickly and now I enjoy a snap-free 22.04. The big plus is that Dolphin integrates Google Drive in a seamless way! Hurray!
    Thanks for your great videos!

  3. i'm also tryed Ubuntu .. is Great 🙂 .But have problem with my .net programs writen to WinForms , wine is not perfect, and .netcore is not have gui in linux 🙁 . So i'm waiting

  4. Ubuntu is my personal favourite Linux distro, behind Linux Mint and Open Suse, I use Ubuntu as the main OS on my old Dell laptop. I have tried Jammy Jellyfish in a virtual machine and I really love the new and improved customisation options for the theme of the OS. I am honestly a strong follower of the Linux community and It's great to see Linux gaining in popularity. Great video by the way! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  5. It took me just short of 6 hours to crack this one! Because I didn't listen to you properly Chris. I didn't listen. I used a USB drive and an SSD drive I had lying about and it wasn't until I used Windows 'Clean' on both after struggling for 5 hours that I completed the set up. My bad. Thank you.

  6. I have a mini PC (AMD PRO A6 9500E with 8GB Mem & an SSD) connected to my TV what was really struggling running Windows 10. After watching your video I decided to wipe it and install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I'm so glad I did; it's far better, so much more responsive and the fan is no longer permanently whirring at high speed. Thanks for continuing to produce such a great channel

  7. How realistic are the minimum requirements? I'm running 18.04 on an old HP DC7900 with a Core2Duo E8500, 8gb RAM and a GT730. I mainly use Steam for lighter or older games and emulators of 8 and 16 bit systems. I wonder if 22.04 would be too taxing or much the same?

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