[Video] Khadas VIM 4: Powerful ARM SBC with HDMI Input

VIM 4 SBC review, including demos running Ubuntu 22.04, Android 11 and the board’s OOWOW embedded firmware.

The VIM 4 featured in this review was purchased from the Khadas website here: And you can learn even more about the VIM 4 here:

If you want to purchase a VIM 4 and…

[Video] Khadas VIM 4: Powerful ARM SBC with HDMI Input 1
[Video] Khadas VIM 4: Powerful ARM SBC with HDMI Input 2
[Video] Khadas VIM 4: Powerful ARM SBC with HDMI Input 3
[Video] Khadas VIM 4: Powerful ARM SBC with HDMI Input 4
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  1. Very impressive SBC, and the OOWOW firmware is genius. May not be ready for primetime with no HDMI input in Ubuntu and no apps in Android, although hopefully Khadas is working on those 🙂

  2. @ 8:53 Oh hey Jeff Geerling, WATS UP,,, I watched ur 6700XT Pi video, Insane, GET IT WORKING PLEASE so cool! lol but I wish PCs on amd/intel x86 had UEFI BIOS installers from lan/wifi that can download Windows/Linux (top 5x mst poular maybe more from the website) or anything for x86 same with the Pi4 or Pi do this on the new Rasbery Pi V (pi 5) if they ever make one, Id like a very powerfull Pi 4 case compatible Pi 5 with NVMe gen3 x4 @ minimum with 64GB emmc and 8GB + LPDDR5 and a 8c Big +8c little (16c Hybrid) Pi V with better faster ARMv64 with an RDNA2 6CU iGP OR way larger Gameabble Mali 10 cluster igpu wifi 6 and BT 5 etc Ill get on day one

    We ever gonna get aRasbery Pi 5 ? 16GB 64GB eMMC gen3 nvme/+m.2 sata also?

  3. Not having play store and google spy services is a freeedom feature for me. Of course I prefer linux but if having to choose android, lineageos would be the choice for me, because it includes all the necessary utilities even when there are no google services installed

  4. That HDMI input gave me an idea. Is it possible to turn an old tablet into a touchscreen for a raspberry pi. Many people have old unused tablets lying around and touchscreens for SBC's are rather expensive…. Youtube suggests some software solutions, but is a hardware solution possible?

  5. Long time no see 🙂 been out of the loop, just saw this what a great video! The future is looking bright for SBC's! Would loge to see a cluster of these!

  6. The lack of play store in Android is easy enough to work around, but for computers like that having the option to easily install ubuntu client and server is brilliant because it means that you have access to the command-line utilities which are very powerful. It may seem barebones, but if you are buying the VIM 4 you're probably the kind of person who knows how to fill in the gaps.

  7. After searching and reading a Datasheet of the STB SoC, I think the HDMI-in might just be a pass through. I have not found a register to access the data form HDMI-in. Maybe I missed it, but in case you are interested in HDMI-in then better wait for the driver. Or in case you like to develop it maybe read the datasheet first. The board still sounds like a interesting SBC.

  8. Very interesting, i wonder if Teams for Android will register hdmi in as camera device…im going to look at amazon to see what optional component you have there…great video

  9. It's a shame: I was checking out different channels on SBCs the other day, just to find out, that the first channel that I have subscribed to, namely Explaining Computers, is simply the best one. Chris has just the best hands-on-mentality and I dig the pace of his reviews. It's relaxing as well as very infomative… Thank you very much for everything you do here!
    And, yes, I totally agree: It is a shame that software lags so much behind hardware these days, very similar to the beginnings. The big problem seems to be, that nobody would invest in software on such a cheap hardware. Imagine somebody would buy a licence of an OS for 150€ 😀 Maybe there was a market for that. I would love to see an in depth video about this issue…

  10. How about making a video about open source BIOS. If I want to install an open source BIOS in my computer replacing previous closed source BIOS what kind of challenges do I meet? Or, is that even possible?

  11. I have been attempting to write linux ISO's to usb drives using etcher, USB image and Rufus. All failed. Either they don't boot or they make the drives unusable. Can you think of a reason why? I will try diskpart-ing them. Thanks . really appreciate your videos!

  12. I did that , I got ubuntu studio and manjaro working. I have yet to figure out how i will set my linux systems up and which ones to use.As you say having so many choices makes it difficult. I want to use Ubuntu studio for sure but am unsure what other to use for general purposes. I want one that is is easy to add software to . I am worried about how Microsoft windows is going. Could you do a video on the other windows commands like diskpart. I use System file checker all the time but am unclear on the others. Thank you for you videos which amount to an online computer course.

  13. Well done khadas letting users choose their exposure to malicious software as google playstore / play services. Highly interesting with a virus free android.

  14. Another great video! I enjoyed seeing another cool piece of kit that I may very well purchase in the future. I quite enjoy seeing what this little computer brings to the table and I have to say there is plenty of potential here!

  15. Sir Chris,

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