[Video] Chrome OS Flex: Google’s New PC OS

Chrome OS Flex is a new version of Chrome OS, the cloud operating system used on Google chromebooks. As this video demonstrates, it can be installed on almost any PC, allowing — for example — new life to be brought to an old laptop.

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  1. has very limited uses my Sunday pa had a chrome based laptop but things i can do on my full blown windows laptop was limited couldn't open an html mased doc and it didn't have pdf so i had to e mail the doc she wanted to open over to my pc to convert the file to full pdf and i couldn't find a way to set it to display 1 so it just displayed on my 75 inch 4k tv as it's main monitor as i can't stand a 2 screen display very confusing to me

  2. I remember Microsoft working on an online OS version of Windows after it was apparent the Internet wasn't the big fad everyone assumed it was. They were convinced that their web browser IE would be all that was needed to use your computer. It was either an idea ahead of its time or one that fell flat on the intended audience. I believe this was back during the dominance of dial-up connections. Imagine tying up your single line to the house or office just so you can use your computer.

  3. I was keen to give this a try so ran up the chromium web browser – however, when the extension is executed I am told that "linux is not currently supported" – surely this is a joke? I did, however, somehow find an unrelated company who had the recovery image on its web site and have successfully installed what looks like Flex on a spare laptop – not recommended procedure of course!

  4. Brilliant, I've been waiting for this for a few years now but this completely passed me by! I hope someone makes it available as a simple ISO so I can just use Etcher. 4 GB of RAM is a bit more than I was hoping for in minimum specs, but it sounds like a challenge to me — I've got to try it on a 2 GB machine now. Never respect the so-called "minimum-requirements"!

  5. Last time I'd checked (in early 2022), Chrome OS Flex would NOT function on any of my actually 'old' laptops and desktops.
    The stated requirements include the hardware being post-2010, and even that was a bit optimistic as I have some newer models that did not work (video issues).
    Perhaps when people refer to "old" computers, they mean the one that they bought just a couple of years ago….silly poodles.

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