[Video] Explaining Desktop PC Hardware

Desktop computer components tutorial — including the motherboard, CPU and RAM, SSD and/or hard drive, SATA and NVMe interfaces, and PCIe slots.

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  1. Great video! I built my first PC around 25 years ago. Man how the internals have changed over the years. Itโ€™s very exciting when a new kind or type of hardware comes out. In my current build, Iโ€™ve only got NVMe drives, no SATA drives at all. Three different drives all together. One is my system drive, gen4 NVMe 500gb. One for gaming, gen4 NVMe 2tb. The last one, gen3 NVMe 1tb for installing applications.

  2. I could never understand the popularity of laptop computers among those who have zero need for portability. Feature for feature, a desktop is by far the better value.

  3. It's all too easy for established YouTube channels to forget that there are new viewers finding these channels all the time and so this beginners guide to PC hardware really hits the spot. Perhaps consider creating a series aimed at total newbies or older people. I think it would be well received.

  4. See not only are his videos informative. All the awesome clearly illustrative animations are done with Lightwave3D. So he gets extra special โ€œlikesโ€ from folks like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. A video about computers hardware, the best I've ever seen, well done! You are truly a quality and important channel in the world of computers, thank you very much and keep it up.

  6. Excellent video, explanation and supporting illustrations. I am in this game for over 40 years, and arguably have no need to watch this, but is was enjoyable to watch. I hope viewers can appreciate the work that has gone into this video.

  7. Fantastic! So well put together and animated. You've just saved thousands of IT teachers around the world many hours of lesson prep!

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