[Video] Quantum Computing 2022 Update

Quantum computing annual review. This non-technical video includes developments at IBM, Intel and Microsoft that may help to scale up the technology for future commercial application.

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My 2021 update which includes…

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27 Comments on “[Video] Quantum Computing 2022 Update”

  1. As computing power progresses, so does threat and risks. It is exciting on how the mitigation plan developed around these… Nice video to incite more thought on technology in general, Chris 🙂

  2. Once this becomes real and available on the consumer market, I look forward to being able to use it for chatting online and looking up Explaining Computers videos on youtube.

  3. Is there really an infinite range of probabilities? That would make a qubit an analogue device, wouldn't it? Isn't it more likely that the range of probabilities would be quantised?

  4. When I see how massive databases and data mining are now tools for governments to use against the citizens I really can't get too excited about our governments using this technology.

  5. «Quantum computers require high levels of error correction and error mitigation.»

    Yes, so high that information needed to operate them will always be greater than the information generated by the results these computers can spit out? The answer in xx years…

  6. It's interesting to see the quantum side of things learning from traditional CPU design as of late. Away from monolithic and on to chiplet kind of design. Or maybe it's like that because I observed it…I'll show myself out now lol

  7. We'll probably get real quantum computing at about the same time we get a real Fusion Reactor which is to say NEVER but that's not to say there isn't money to be made . People make money just talking about It . Scientists make money trying stuff out and failing ! Politicians get voted in just by supporting It . It may never materialize but hey , we all had fun rooting for It !

  8. 👍 Good update. My faith in QC has also been strained by the increasing qubit overhead estimates for useful error correction. However, the proposition that four major tech companies are all simultaneously wrong seems unlikely–desperate logic perhaps, but I'll take it for now.

  9. The problem with QUANTUM 💻🖱️💾 COMPUTING is that, like most technological advances, it will almost certainly be used for NEFARIOUS 😈 PURPOSES, and will likely hasten the demise 💥💀 of the Human Race! 👎😂 … Fortunately, just having turned 60, I doubt Quantum Computers will be available to terrorists and megalomaniacs in my lifetime? 😂

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