[Video] Quartz64 Model A – PCIe & SATA SBC

Quartz64 Model A single board computer review and demo, including running Manjaro with a MATE desktop, and testing the board’s PCIe slot and SATA port.

The Quartz64 and accessories shown in this video were purchased from Pine64, where you can find out more about the board here: — and also on its Wiki pages…

[Video] Quartz64 Model A – PCIe & SATA SBC 1
[Video] Quartz64 Model A – PCIe & SATA SBC 2
[Video] Quartz64 Model A – PCIe & SATA SBC 3
[Video] Quartz64 Model A – PCIe & SATA SBC 4
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  1. At 6:39
    Request going forward….

    While going through the ribbon cable connectors I realized that it would have been better if you had used a pointer of some type. My original thought was something like a crayon like shape made out of plastic, (so it doesn't get wax on the parts and the plastic won't damage the delicate electronics).
    This may be something to look into for future videos.
    Will there be a"Mr. Pointer" in the future??

  2. I like your channel very much. Still, I haven't seen review of Firefly ROC-RK3588S. Please check and make a review. It's competitor to Khadas VIN4. You can also make comparison review. It would be interesting. Thank you 🙂

  3. "Let's go and take… a… closer… look…" – I swear this gets slightly slower each video, about the same rate the rotation of the earth slows. It's only tiny, but it's there.

  4. It seems like when they ordered the board they had someone ordering decent number of those from them for some purpose (probably hardware controller) and the deal was so good they agreed to try to sell the rest as general purpose sbc, hence its weird design. Thanks for good review

  5. I'm just curious if you actually use any of these sbcs for any purpose other than just tinkering around with them every now and then. Like, do you have one set up as a NAS or as a retro gaming system? Or do you have one set up as a weather station for daily use? Or do you just use your full desktop computer for that stuff still and the sbcs are still in the "big boy toy" category for the time being? For me it is just sitting on my book shelf as sort of a novelty item, but I only have the Raspberry Pi 3 which I got 6 or 7 years ago or something like that. It just didn't have enough oomph to satisfy any of my own needs so I've just been using my normal desktop computer for all of the purposes I can think of for an sbc.

  6. I’m not very familiar with the SBC scene, but what’s stopping you from using armbian or void or something that has a kernel that supports the hardware? Is it just than pine64 chose hardware that has bad Linux support and now they have to write drivers?

  7. Oh man that (lack of) support sucks. It will be interesting to see what their as yet unnamed [1] RISC-V board with "same form factor, similar price and performance" will be like in a few months. They haven't announced it, but it's almost certainly using the StarFive JH7110 SoC, the "mass production" version (with twice the cores and with a PowerVR GPU) of the JH7100 which was supposed to be released in the BeagleV "Starlight" 10 months ago. The JH7100 has been available in the BeagleV beta board (300 boards distributed free in April 2021) and in the VisionFive v1 and is at this point quite well supported. Hopefully the JH7110 will be able to use all that work and be good out of the box.

    [1] they know the name, but are holding a competition to guess it

  8. Thank you for the video, Christopher. You have been kind to the manufacturer of this SBC. Your production quality and presentation skills are top notch!

  9. It's a shame that, with Raspberry Pis being in such short supply, that developers of boards with potential like this haven't capitalised on the situation. This is an ideal time for alternatives to the Pi to rise to the challenge and fill the gap in supply. I would be very interested to see how the Quartz64 handles a Debian-based non-desktop OS with Octoprint or Klipper on top of it. I realise that this ignores the main reason for buying the Quartz64 (the SATA and PCI-E connections), but if the price is low enough then this doesn't matter. Perhaps in this instance, the Model B would be more suited.

  10. I bought this board probably around the same time as you. My purpose was graphical testing to see what I could do. I was disappointed that graphics is still lacking after a year. With so much potential for display outputs on this board, you think they would move GPU support up in the priority list. Still waiting on that to happen.

  11. Just FYI, the device only has a single PCIe Gen2 lane and is mutually exclusive with another SATA port that is accessible via pin headers on the board.

  12. I'd love to see an SBC with A77 cores or better, aswell as with more PCIe connectivity. It's a shame that PCIe bridge/switch chips are still so expensive because they're mainly used in server environments, yet some of them are made on nodes as old as 28nm…

  13. Thnx Chris, Let's see if your video either stimulates the development of it's potential OR KILLS the project; simply because hardware without the required software is no more than a paperweight. QQQ: have you by any chance tried an OS by 'the competition' that has similar hardware AND got it working? [if there is such a thing available?]

  14. I wonder if a 36 watt supply is enough to also power a PCIe card. Some cards draw more than others. It could affect the board's ability to stay stable or even boot

  15. it looks like The First Pine64 Board when it was released to Run Windows-10 – and we all know how That Went!
    . The ROCK64 and its Pi-Zero Replacement boards have all Failed – so, why keep trying to Present their Failed Designs.!

  16. It's always "Potential". Ship it now, and "Promise" things will get better. Sometimes they do. Most times they don't. If you buy this, buy it for what it does right now, not what it might do in the future. Once they get your money, helping you get the "Potential" is an expense to them. The #of SBCs that are oh so close, is many times more than the ones that nailed it.

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