[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!!

Get Kali Linux RIGHT NOW with Linode: and you get a $100 Credit good for 60 days as a new user!

***UPDATE** (2 BIG things)
1. You MUST delete your Linode VMs in order to avoid being charged. Shutting them down without deleting them will still result in you being charged.
2. When choosing the “Kali Everything” option, you MUST select the “Linode 4 GB” Plan or higher…

[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!! 1
[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!! 2
[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!! 3
[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!! 4
[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!! 5

23 Comments on “[Video] the BEST way to get Kali Linux!!”

  1. U so pro!!if u can explan more deep and slowley because i see that everything look u obivious when u click commands so if u can make things more simple i will be happy.thanks u for the great videos

  2. damn expensive i have oracle cloud kali image comes under always free tier with 1GB RAM 1OCPU and 200GB disk space now tell me which is the best and i have it since jan of this year and i havent been charged singe penny and my machine was on for 2 months with RDP access

  3. Hello Chuck, my name is Godspower Maurice. Am a Nigerian I love your videos and guess what?? I've watched over 300 and something of your videos. Mehn I love your contents, am hoping you'll see this but if anyone does that knows him, you all can show it to him… I found a video you posted I think some months back, that videos contains your password… You literally showed the world your HTB (Hack the Box) password. I really don't know if you did it intentionally or not… I taught about saying it, I don't think it's necessary though.. thanks

  4. WSL2 and Kali Linux from the Microsoft Store was the easiest way to get my install running on Windows 10. I'm using Virtual Box with 32bit Bare Metal for my VM. All I had to do was download the applications that I need from the Linux site. All based on your videos. Thanks Chuck.

  5. Its actually really good to see someone is excited and full of energy when teaching programming and coding and … most of people on youtube create good content but they looks pretty tired or drunk or IDK and it kind make you tired and bored as well anyway nice job man I like your channel

  6. RealVNC actually has a Linux client, as well. I’ve heard that TigerVNC is based out of Russia so may not meet certain security standards, depending on your use case (I may be mistaken, feel free to correct me and as always, do your own research)

  7. Hey chuck when will you teach us how to create our own debian based os's , or we're still too far from it
    And can you explain the session hijacking plz

  8. need help with AMD video card a predator po3 e 620 not recognizing the card have to manually go in through internet connection to enable graphics card is it possible l

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