[Video] DaVinci Resolve 18: The Best Free Video Editor

DaVinci Resolve 18 free video editor review and demo, including tips for editing on lower-end hardware, including the use of the new Blackmagic Proxy Generator.

DaVinci Resolve can be downloaded from this page on the Blackmagic Design website: Note that to obtain the free version, you…

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  1. Best free video editor indeed, I been using this for a while now, great on lower end hardware.

    I was using Sony Movie Studio 13 for years but Sony sold off their "Creative software" division to MAGIX and I was not happy about it, they delisted their older software on Steam to promote new ones, a business decision I do not agree, so I switched to Davinci Resolve 17, in fact I'm just download 18 version right now.

    I'm extremely happy that they let free users to use H265 because H264 was slow like years slow in rendering. H265 solved all of my problems. Size is still same but renders fast.

  2. I have a very interesting question with the color tab the way how you were able to change colors is there a possibility that you could help me figure out how to do a color channel swap because I am using the Hoya r72 62 mm threaded filter on my camera not for videos but for actual photography and I need a way to revert or change in a way to where I can get color back in to where all of the leaves are still bleach white and I have all of my color like the blue skies and everything else

  3. I keep wanting to try Resolve, but I just cannot get it to work. It complains about no GPU and when I try to tweak the settings, it either exits right away or just crashes. (This is on Debian Bullseye Linux using the free amdgpu driver.)

    So unfortunately, I just can't use it. 🙁 I guess I will stick to kdenlive.

  4. Great review and very valuable free tool for the nowadays ubiquitous task of video editing; a must-have for youtube creators with the added bonus that it runs on the 3 major operating systems!

  5. Impressive package, with lots of features to know. that's enough to confuse and intimidate a novice editor. You've probably learnt from a basic early version, and absorbed new skills as the package evolved..
    Is/are there introductory tutorials available on the Web for aspiring Spielburgs to learn the concepts of editing with Resolve? If they don't want "Quack! The epic saga of a small town terorrised by rogue waterfowl." to be a stationary single POV that'll give them some ideas of what to do and how.

  6. Great video as usual. One correction though, the paid Studio version does not have a time limited trial. You have to enter the key that you received when you purchased it to install and run it.

  7. Thanks Chris! What an amazing mind reader you are! Downloaded Resolve 2 weeks ago for my humble i5 w/8GB RAM and this is exactly what I needed to know. Looks like a memory upgrade is in it's near future. Such is life in the slow lane.
    BR 😎

  8. 2 things 1.) when using FULL SCREEN WINDOW I can't get at my tool bar and thus can't go to the internet to watch Explaining Computers while bouncing back and forth between DR 18 and Explaining Computers video. 2.) Also after going to DR 18 Studio it takes much longer to Launch and get to the Project Manager Page.
    I did do something different when I downloaded the DR 18 Studio Zip File. I placed the Download file on a 1 TB HDD and unzipped it there and let it install over DR 17.4 on the 1TB Samsung 980 SSD C: Drive.

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