[Video] LattePanda 3 Delta: Powerful Intel CPU SBC

LattePanda 3 Delta single board computer review, including full specifications, demos running Windows 10 and Linux Mint 21, and some speed tests. You can learn more about this new x86-64 SBC on the DFRobot website at:

Please note that the LattePanda 3 Delta featured in this…

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  1. Unfortunately SanDisk is very reliable. For some reason it's also the most common and affordable brand. It's very weird. So is PNY memory. It's making my Crucial Ballistics on XMP 2.0 look like it's 12800. When it's matched up to 25600 separately. I think there is a mint limit to 19200 memory means. Then it's all CPU cache afterwards. It's not my kits fault. I just know it's doing an extra lap on the loading screen. Even if I know the video screen will get scrambled during the booting operation. I know for sure that my 8.1 Industry Pro always takes five laps on an other laptop it has been using. And that's about absolutely 6 computers.

  2. I'm glad I'm taking some Server advice. I finally feel free. However it's dual booting which is a terrible pain. It's only getting tested because that same kits did provide drivers and stuff for Servers. And unfortunately it's only the essentials package that I got from the 8.1 series. But it shouldn't be a big pain in a while. Most concerns are available in that confirmation. Like 50 virtual machines with up to 10 clients simultaneously. Or, it was 50 virtual machines and 10 Hyper-V stations. I only used up to 3 virtual machines anyway. And that kit even loaded an Russian Military Defense operating system Elbrus made for the x family computers. Otherwise it's designed for an inhouse arm type processor from the TKK 128 Arm generations. But, it's basically a dressed Linux or Ubuntu user competition pack. And the drivers are hard to setup in a virtual environment. I have now idea how to you the planned user interface for Linux/Unix/Ubuntu.

  3. The huge difference in render times between the Arm boards and this one is almost certainly down to your distribution installing the necessary bits to support hardware rendering on the Pandas board, but failing to do so on the other two. All three boards have hardware acceleration for video encoding. The times shown for for the two Arm boards look like software (cpu) rendering.

  4. Can I ask you a question please?
    I have a 27" screen that only has a USB3 connector. It was intended as a second screen for a Mac.
    Can I use this screen with the LattePanda 3 Delta, running Linux Mint?

  5. Wow this is pretty amazing of course the usual question I always wonder with these SBCs is how they do on energy consumption, endurance, as ARM vs Intel based
    Still a very slim and stylish device with ease of use in mind.

  6. Hi Christopher, do you have any experience with or opinions on e-ink/e-paper displays? I've been thinking a display that doesn't shoot light straight into my eyes might help for night time usage and sleep hygiene.

  7. Now this is the kind of SBC I've been waiting for.

    I don't want to have to deal with any of the headaches or compromises you get with ARM based systems, and this is the first semi-affordable x86 SBC I've seen that I would say is powerful enough to make it worth dropping that much money on.

    Definitely putting this on my list of things to pick. Should be a lot of fun to mess around with.

  8. Again another great video, as always. No blabber, all the interesting and fun stuff. I love the theme of sbcs and you are my go-to content creator for things like this. Thank you for your time and effort into producing these incredible videos! I always love watching them 🙂

  9. Thank you Mr. Barnatt for your efforts at a fine presentation of the Latte Panda 3. This SBC appears snappy for normal applications, yet I gotta request for the purposes of a DIY build for a normal mobile productivity (not gaming) requirements,
    I am wondering about the following questions:
    1. What is the fastest boot time into Windows you observed with the NVMe SSD ? Same with Linux?
    2. What are the observed thermals? At idle, at max load for example with the rendered video?
    3. What is the Power Consumption: In watts. Yes I can assume it is less than the 45 watt of the AC adapter, yet, curious about Idle, normal productivity apps, and max video video rendering loads.

    4. Where is Latte Panda manufactured ?

    Or can you refer my questions over to DFR Robot for more deep dive into test results.

  10. A good video. I have a Linux Laptop with a slightly faster version of the CPU, and they do steam along very well. It would have been interesting to see the board running windows 11.

  11. Thank you so very much. By coincidence, I had just thought about getting something like this and watched a video on it a moment before thinking "Explaining Computers might have a video on such a thing." Low and behold, you posted one two days ago. How fortunate for me.

    Having problems with whatever I try to use Skype, Zoom or Google's video conferencing tools on, I need to replace my 2011 macbook pro running Linux Mint 21 to do online lessons.
    (It may be my 'net connection.)
    Seems one of these with a case and a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 (I hear it is good with Linux through Wine) would cost me about 400 dollars (if I can get it sent to Japan without import taxes), and that would be OK.

    Anyone used one of these with Linux, Windows in a virtual environment or dual boot, and a mediocre webcam?
    I'd like to hear from you, thanks.
    And of course thanks again to E.C. for a thorough and easy to understand review as always.

  12. What’s wrong with pci-e on sbcs? Why the only one remains an ancient A20? Is this true that 99% of users use them for nintendo gaming only?

  13. Can you please clarify some of my doubts? Thanks in advance.
    1. Can Windows be installed on SSD instead of eMMC? If yes, will it improve performance?
    2. How to make a career/ or earn money on this SBC hobby?

  14. Waiting for lattepanda 4 with ryzen zen3 architecture same motherboard,
    it can be a bit.. a little bit bigger and have pci-e 3.0 or 4.0 slot, just 1 slot !!
    and that would take pc's and pc industry to just a new level 😄😇

  15. It's interesting to see how computing products are advancing, so for that, thank you. However, I think you are using a bit of Orwellian doublespeak when you say that the video is not sponsored by the manufacturer. You are using their product to promote your channel and they are using your channel to promote their product. That may not be sponsorship in the strictly technical sense, but both parties are hoping to make a financial gain from the promotion. That in itself is not a bad thing, but the disclaimer comes across as being less than honest.

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