[Video] Linux Mint 21: The Best Distro. Better.

Linux Mint 21 review, covering what’s new in the latest edition of this popular distro, including how to upgrade from version 20.3 (see last chapter of the video).

Linux Mint 21 can be downloaded from:

CORRECTION: Note that in the “Muffin” section, where I refer to “Megacity” it should be “Metacity”. My…

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  1. Very detailed and educational as always!
    Regarding Mint’s ‘os-prober’ enabled feature, isn’t Windows usually the culprit with respect to overwriting boot loaders on dual boot setups?

  2. Watched it, really enjoyed it, clicked on the YouTube home page button to see what I want to watch next,……… then thought "I really should have gave him a like for that", so I've just popped back again to do that. 😏

    NOW I can go and see what else I want to watch. 😁

  3. Debian is the best distro ever, mint wouldn't even exist without it. Also, it really is cinnamon and xfce that are ultra stable, not really mint per se. Switch to kde and you'll see what I mean very quickly.

  4. Ironic that the test computer does not have Bluetooth hardware as this is one of my main criteria when I try to establish whether to use any operating system. I've just got hold of Puppy Linux Vanilla Dpup 9.2x Debian based distro which gives me functioning Bluetooth but is not a "main stream" and does not give the opportunity not to save sessions as the 'official" versions do (among other things). I am a user of sub-2gb RAM hardware by preference due to Curiousmarc.

  5. Chris,the best damned thing about this channel is you being always excited to discover and share the IT-related thingies with us. You do that for years, yet you still maintain the level of excitement of a guy who recently discovered the entire world of an IT ahead of him. That's pure passion and it's contagious. Love you,man!

  6. Chris there have been hoards of problems trying to use their upgrade installer. It took me 10 hours to iron out the headaches on my equipment not to mention 100s of others on Facebook and on other sites expressing their horror stories and major headaches. May I suggest you revisit this topic discussing some of the main issues with the upgrader.

  7. Is it possible to migrate Linux Mint to a different drive? Say from an SSD to a NVME? If it's too convoluted I'll just do a fresh start. I've been using Linux Mint for 5 years so I can migrate away from windows. I trust Linux a lot more than I do Windows and have been very happy with using Linux mint once I got familiar with it. Thanks for the video.

  8. Great review (of course :). Have you fully upgraded your daily system to LM 21? If not, how long do you typically wait before doing so? I haven't used Mint in a very long time (outside of evaluating new versions), so when I do install it for use full time, it will be a fresh install on relatively modest (read that as "not-so-recent") hardware.

  9. I've used Linux since I gave up on Windows 95. I started with Mandrake (the name got changed after a court case). Eventually I got to early versions of Ubuntu and then on to Mint. I've stuck with Mint ever since (I've tried a few other distributions but within a week I'm back on Mint). I'm not very technical, just enough to apply a command line fix as provided by the community on the rare occasions I've had a problem. Glad you like Mint, I love it and so does does my girl friend who runs it at her place.

  10. I am wondering how the support of Windows software under Proton and WINE under 21 compares to 20. I'd love to be ale to go back to running a Linux system, but not if a majority of my games still won't work properly. :-/

  11. I'm having trouble with Linux Mint 21 connecting to my new Lenovo computer. Could you do a video on connection problems in Linux? I know that the forums have been buzzing with connection problems. I really like the way you do your videos and the info is always helpful.

  12. I can't upgrade my Dell Latitude E6500 from 20 to 21, well not exactly, the upgrade works as long as I don't need to launch a web browser, as soon as I launch Firefox or a Chrome based browser all freez, because the nVidia video driver is not loaded anymore and as modern browsers use the video resources by default the system crashes.

  13. I tried upgrading but when I thought I solved the app problem then it could not find the repository. Perhaps they should incorporate at it in the set up iso.

  14. It's 2022. Why are developers not smart enough to put ALL the desktops on one distribution, or have a setting/app that allows switching it, with automatic downloading if required? In fact why do we have 1000 distributions? Why can't we just have one united Linux with an app to customize it as per our requirements to make it into any distribution we want. Linux is so poorly thought out nowadays that a lot of new people who consider it never actually switch because of too much choice and all the confusion surrounding it. Maybe one day the devs will wise up and just make 'Linux'.

  15. I had Mint with the cinnamon desktop on a core2duo laptop maybe 7-8 years ago and cinnamon killed it, basically taking many minutes to boot and then many minutes to do anything when clicked. I switched to xcfe and it was much faster. Cinnamon is a huge resource hog. Doesn't anyone write good clean fast code now <sigh> ?

  16. "All windows now use GTK antialiasing, which looks crisper." I just upgraded to Mint 21 last night, and this was one of a few things I noticed right away. Colors seem more vibrant too-

  17. Thank you Chris! Because of this video I realized that I still had to upgrade my laptop to 20.3, and then to Vanessa! 🙂 It seemed to have worked, hopefully not too much was broken 😉

  18. Thanks for bring attention to LM.
    It's been the O.S of my laptop for the last 5 years. As someone who often uses a bluetooth speaker the improvement is night and day. I used to have issues ranging from taking a long time to detect a paired device or having to reconnect my speaker and crackling sound, but now it detects it almost instantly and sounds crystal clear.

  19. Hey Christopher, I've got a problem with Linux Mint 20.3 that I cannot get a straight answer for. Perhaps you can be of assistance? When I pull up a terminal I type in "sudo su" and type in my password. This logs me on as root. I then type "sudo apt install mintupgrade". I then type in "sudo mintupgrade". I get the prompt to upgrade to Linux Mint 21. I click "OK" and the system does its checks, but it keeps coming back with the error "some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead", and it will not complete the download to upgrade. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me find out why this is so and help me correct it. Like I said, I cannot find help anywhere!

  20. Excellent, thank you Chris. It does give an insight of the latest Linux Mint. I must say, I’ve not yet moved beyond Mint Xfce 19.3. I have it virtually installed on an old Dell laptop with only 2 Gb Windows XP SP3, 32 bit. Sometimes in need of the latest Firefox browser I even use the 18.3 version virtually. All is well secured with Sophos in XP which keeps updating, no worries. Nothing bad ever happened. I’ll soon be moving to W7 4Gb 64 bit. In XP for now, via Mint, I do sometimes need the latest Firefox now for certain websites. Mint is great but hasn’t convinced me as daily driver in all fairness. Installation of 18.3 was straightforward simple but 19 was confusing. It wasn’t intuitive as you needed to do an OEM installation to avoid being locked into an installation screen asking a for password which was not yet created. Very weird. In the De OEM installation, the password was being asked to create in advance and could complete the installation. This was confusing. I’m not very much fond of the rather short so called “LTS” tbh… Firefox however can be updated via their own site. The rest of all Linux software isn’t really my tea, but I still can see all potential. Still great to see 21 now. Mint is still one of the best Linux distros imho. Thank you for showing.

  21. IT's my favorite distro that i'Ve been using since 2 year and half. I upgraded from the previous versions and had so many error while trying to use the command sudo apt update. I saw how to fix those error on the web but that didn'T work, so I decided to flush the OS and start with a brand new installation. It's now faster to boot and I gain some speed

  22. Hi, it is time for a new "Building a Budget PC" this time with AMD for practical use, Windows 11, Office, Youtube 4K, small factor form and basic games. All for about 200 US$ or less.

  23. I upgraded all 3 of my Linux machines from 20.3 to 21. Two of them are working perfectly.
    The other one has an older NVidia graphics card, which is no longer supported, except by an open source driver. I've had some issues with that machine, and downgraded back to 20.3.
    I'll look at my options for that machine again in a couple of years when LM22 is released. It may be, by then, the open source driver will have improved.

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