[Video] Raspberry Pi Pico W: Wireless Weather Station

Raspberry Pi Pico W microcontroller review, plus tutorial connecting the board to a BME280 sensor module to create a wireless weather station that transmits temperature, pressure and humidity readings to a web browser.

On this web page you can find the wiring diagram and a link to the final…

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  1. Thanks very much Chris! I am going to do as Sprocket N and get the grandkids going on this project. Very clear and fun! Thanks for your time making these. Best regards, Robert

  2. This video reminds me of the channel update video. Its going to be hard to cater to "everyones" tastes, simply because of the amount of various topics you cover. I for one enjoy these "project" videos, and so far I have not found a "sub-topic" or "project application" that does not have a bearing on my ability to use said projects in a practical way, filling a real world nead.

  3. could you show us how to expand on this concept please? Like data logging the output of the pico and displaying the results as a graph on the web page? temp humidity and pressure are all well and good, but the trends are what help figure out whats likely to happen later in the day etc.

  4. It feels like you've started to invest less in video making process, Chris. Sad. Your video on rpi plant watering contained timelapses, construction ideas, it was more wholesome. Maybe, like many youtubers, you experience a burnout?

  5. Very interesting Chris. An excellent project executed flawlessly. I don't know how you come up with differing ideas every week, but i am glad you do. Thanks for sharing have a peaceful week.

  6. Awesome video! I'm a noobie at all of this, even though, I would like to do it by myself, but I have one problem. I want to place the Raspberry Pi Pico next to a field far away from home. Therefore, the wifi is not reachable from there. I was wondering about adding some radio frequency component (LORA) to try to reach the wifi. But I'm not sure if it's the best solution and how it works. Many thanks in advance ^^

  7. I must admit I was quite concerned that you'd gone outside without a computer…
    Just curious – the Pico W has a temperature sensor onboard, I presume it's just temperature but would this be a useful device do you think? Thinking mainly for temperature monitoring of a cabinet I have some servers in.

  8. Very nice, I've been meaning to put together a weather station. Could you plug multiple BME280 sensors into the Pico? Indoor and outdoor temperatures 🙂

    Hopefully things are starting to cool down where you are.

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