[Video] Warpinator: Easy Network File Transfer between Windows, Linux, Android & iOS

Warpinator free utility for making network file transfers between two computers running Linux, Windows, Android or iOS. Video includes installation in different OS, demos, preferences, and tips for dealing with potential setup issues.

Warpinator was developed by the Linux Mint team, and has a GitHub page…

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[Video] Warpinator: Easy Network File Transfer between Windows, Linux, Android & iOS 2
[Video] Warpinator: Easy Network File Transfer between Windows, Linux, Android & iOS 3
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  1. I have a particular contempt/disdain for Windows Defender and actively remove it from all of my personal installations of Windows. As a result, irritations and annoyances like the ones shown in this video do not take place on my systems. There are much better antivirus/antimalware suite available.

  2. What's better than an Open Source transfer app? A better Open Source transfer app. I've been using qrcp for some time and it's been versatile, but at times transfer jobs can be a bit iffy. I'll try this one out, the fact it has a GUI is a big plus. And I need something better for my iPhone than just dropping files into iCloud and then downloading them. Thanks, Chris!

  3. I have come to love KDE connect, because it also offers cross-compatible file transfers. Specially right-klick on file —> "send to device", which comes in handy on a weekly basis for me. But also when I get a call, it halts the YouTube video I'm watching on my PC and continues it when I hang up. Just sooo satisfying!

    Edit: Notifications do bother me sometimes though. And I always need 2-3 minutes to spot the config entry to turn it off, because the list is not really sorted or grouped. And it is nice seeing other programs getting some love too. 🙂

  4. I don't know about it's use in Linux, but I find Microsoft's Onedrive can work for file transfers for Windows devices and Android. You can either keep the files in the cloud or transfer them and delete them as needed. Still though, it's nice to know there are alternatives. Only downside is that you have to have a Microsoft account for Onedrive to work, but if you already have one, say to run MS Office or from setting up a Windows PC, it's a viable alternative.

  5. Thanks so much Chris for this video I was able to work out how to transfer files between Windows and Linux using Samba but couldn't work out how to transfer files between my 2 systems running Linux once again thanks Cheers Chips.

  6. I am using Warpinator right from the start and now almost daily. It works really well between my GNU/Linux computers and Android phones. Chrome-OS still gives some problems and Chrome-OS Flex is more hit and miss. I use OMV as NAS on a old desktop with five HD's and a old HP media laptop whit-out a screen that has two 1TB HD's with OMV running from a SD card. So with Warpinator and OMV and my Cloud I am covered. Don't use Warpinator on Windows because I don't want to use that rubbish.

  7. I'm amused by your 'Zebra like thing' query. I have no doubt that you knew full well what it was when you created the video but it might well have caused a few comments which are always worth having. My quick scan of the comments show only one person mentioned Okapi; I thought others might play.
    Like mine, the Okapis tongue is long enough to clean their eyes and ears.

  8. I've always wondered how to get a giraffe from one computer to another 😀

    Will be giving this a try as sometimes something as easy as moving a file from one device to another takes far far longer than it should! Thanks Chris 🙂

  9. Talking about Okapi, there is an African electronic company that has that name. You could check out there product, but I don't think most would be featured in this channel as they make a phone and IT services. I use to see laptop too but I guess they stop it.

  10. Interesting programs… I think there may still be a few bugs. I installed Winpinator on 3 Windows 10 PCs, a Windows 11 laptop, and the Android Warpinator on my Android phone and one of my Android tablets. I installed the Winpinators on the Windows 10 PCs first and all those Winpinators picked up all the other Winpinators on the other Windows 10 PCs, but then when I added the Android Warpinator on my Android phone ALL the Windows 10 Winpinators can find is my Android phone and Android tablet… they can no longer find the other Windows 10 PCs. Lastly, I installed Winpinator on my Windows 11 laptop, and it too could only find the Android phone and tablet. I dropped all the firewalls… no change. It's as if the Android Warpinator did something when I installed it on my phone that broke the Winpinators ability to find Windows PCs??? I try closing, starting and stopping all the Winpinator services… no change. Stopped and starting the Winpinator service on all Windows 10 PCs and tried launching the 32-bit version of Winpinator with the firewalls both on and off… no change, Winpinators still can't find the other Windows 10 PCs. When I have more time I'll uninstall the Winpinators on all the 3 Windows 10 PCs, restart, and reinstall the Winpinators on the Windows 10 PCs. I don't know… the issue with no longer being able to detect the Windows PCs showed when I installed the Android Warpinator on my phone and asked it to scan for devices on the network. My first suspicion is that there may be something which the Android Warpinator is doing, or inadvertently causing, is making the Winpinators unable to detect Windows devices??? There's one other difference, however… the Android phone and tablet, as well as the Windows 11 laptop are connected to the router via WifI, whereas the 3 Windows 10 PCs are connected through the LAN…??? I wonder if the Wifi and LAN networks aren't the same and to pick up the devices on the Wifi network the Winpinators are switching to the Wifi network and no longer scanning the LAN network??? Don't know that much about networking to know if that's a particularly likely scenario… any ideas?

  11. Has similarities to KDE Connect, though I've not looked at the finer details. I see KDE Connect is also available for multiple platforms including Windows, IOS, Android etc. It's good to hear about other file transfer options, such as Warpinator.

  12. The animal in the picture at minute 8:26 is called the OKAPI lives in the Congo and is an endangered species, was not known to the West until the 20th century.

    "They are essentially solitary, coming together only to breed. Okapis are herbivores, feeding on tree leaves and buds, grasses, ferns, fruits, and fungi. Rut in males and estrus in females does not depend on the season. In captivity, estrus cycles recur every 15 days. The gestational period is around 440 to 450 days long, following which usually a single calf is born. The juveniles are kept in hiding, and nursing takes place infrequently. Juveniles start taking solid food from three months, and weaning takes place at six months." Wikipedia

  13. I didn't know there was an Android version of Warpinator but I've now installed it and it works great on my Xiaomi phone. I may try it on one of my Chromebooks, I sometimes need to transfer files to it!

  14. So warpinator doesn't work from the command-line at all? I wish I realized that before I wasted time trying to install it in Armbian. Now I have to try to clean all that stuff out. 🤦

  15. Perfect Timing !
    I installed it on my Moto-G Android Phone & Windows 10 Pro system.
    File Transfers work very nicely but on Windows it's a bit glitchy. The APP that is.
    It times out after a while and cannot reconnect without exiting the app AND stopping the Service. On the Android Phone it still shows teh Windows PC but of course cannot connect to it.

    TIP: I run on WIFI not Ethernet so if you are too, make sure to you GOTO "Connection" in the prefereces Menu, then select your WI-FI Dual Band Wireless adapter.

  16. I can finally get my photos and videos off my phone. I was running out of memory. I did it half way through the video. I can't seem to transfer folders from the Android. I'll finish watching. You can't send multiple files or folders at one time.

    Now Winpinator won't run on my PC. I'll try downloading it again. This is why I shun new things. I have work to do.

  17. I still really don’t understand the point of Warpinator, it’s always seemed like a completely redundant and unnecessary piece of software. Why transfer individual files around on a LAN like that? It’s always made more sense to me to use either NFS or Samba to just mount each workstation’ s local hard drives on each other, then any workstation can just use any of the hard drives installed on any of the machines as if they were local storage. No need for file duplication, or formally transferring files around, etc. Every hard drive is just mounted on every machine and can use any file located anywhere immediately in any application.

  18. I had not even noticed this application!
    This makes transferring photos from my phone to the Linux Mint machine as easy as pie. Thank you, thank you Chris.

    One question: what about Raspberry Pis?

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