House of Guinness : Revolutionising Consumer Experience and Brand Immersion

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Guinness Malaysia grabbed the attention of fans from all walks of life with the launch of House of Guinness back in July. The one-of-a-kind event introduced Guinness Draught in a Can into the Malaysian market, in a fully immersive and experiential way. Lovers of the brew got to discover the magical innovation behind the latest entrant of the Heineken Malaysia Berhad portfolio, all the while taking their usual drinking experience to the next level.

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When fans arrived at the location, they had to earn their taste of Guinness Draught in a Can by successfully completing three missions. After learning about the history and evolution of Guinness, guests were sent off to complete their first mission with the hint ‘The Widget is the Key’, where they had to grab the right widget in a blower room. This is where the nitrogen widget – a white plastic ball filled with nitrogen gas inside each Guinness Draught in a Can – came to play.

They were then ushered to their second task, ‘Activate the Widget’ – a highly Instagrammable mission – evoking the magic of this innovative product with a light show representing the widgets and nitrogen. Lastly, the ‘Release the Nitrogen’ mission saw fans stepping into a giant Guinness Draught in a Can. Within the can, they had to release the nitrogen to experience the iconic surge and settle that gives Guinness its cold, creamy head. At the end, those who successfully completed all three missions were awarded the title of Guinness Innovation Expert and their first sip of Guinness Draught in a Can.

In the span of eight weeks, the House of Guinness saw a total of 14,580 visitors, including members of the media, influencers, and lovers of Guinness coming together to celebrate and welcome the brew into the Malaysian market. Their attendance has set Guinness Malaysia on fire across various social media platforms, with a total of 6.6 million reach. The campaign’s PR efforts also garnered earned media coverage with a score of 97% on the Media Quality Index (MQI), and 77 million PR impressions to date.

“We invited Guinness lovers as well as new drinkers to immerse themselves in the House of Guinness with its unique experiences. Through this call to adventure, fans learned about Guinness Draught in a Can in a playful way, and visually got a taste of why this product is so innovative. The experience was curated to resonate with the passion points of Millennials and Gen-Z of legal drinking age. The amazing response and turnout are a testament to the brand’s ambition,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager of Guinness Malaysia.

With the collaborative effort from all stakeholders and agencies, including Sambal Lab, who was the key driver for the concept, strategy, design and build, creatives, and implementation of the House of Guinness, the brand was able to introduce Guinness Draught in a Can to the Malaysian market in a disruptive way. The good news is, this is not the end as Guinness Malaysia will be back with even more reasons to celebrate in conjunction with International Stout Day 2022. Look out for more updates in the coming weeks.

All activities at the House of Guinness were conducted in full accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures set by the government. For more information about Guinness Draught in a Can, visit Guinness Malaysia’s social media pages at and

Guinness and all related promotions and activities are strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Guinness Malaysia advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive.

This article is written by Heineken Malaysia Berhad

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