[Video] Khadas VIM1s: Android & Linux SBC

Khadas VIM1s single board computer review, including online OS installation using its OOWOW firmware, and demos of Android (including YouTube playback), and Ubuntu 22.04.

The VIM1s featured in this video was purchased from Khadas. You can learn more about the board on its web pages here:

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25 Comments on “[Video] Khadas VIM1s: Android & Linux SBC”

  1. Does anyone have any other computer yt channels to suggest…………..this one is great for what it does……………I'm looking for something that talks about the chip industry in general and the individual components and how they work et cetera…………gods bless you…………and I look forward to talking to you………….vweeerrryyy sune

  2. love watching your vids, i often reference them for possible projects for car audio, which bootup/startup would be quite critical…. is there a possibility that you could show an actual timer for when you are fast forwarding through the waiting that would show how long it took?

  3. normally, if you work on ubuntu, then only edit documents and watch videos in 720p or install android and make a TV box and watch 1080p videos and browse websites… (Sorry for me English 😅)

  4. Another great video, which is making me lean more towards a Pi 4. Unfortunately, the price of a Pi here is ridiculous with price gouging left, right and centre! I did read that there will will be a Pi pop-up shop on Oxford Street soon and it just so happens that I have a flight booked for Blighty a few days before! 🤣

  5. Hi, Chris. Thanks for another great video. On a related note, did you get to check out the Orange Pi 800 and are you planning on having it featured on EC in the coming weeks/months, please?

  6. I think it really sucks that it only has 100M Ethernet. The wifi card is probably faster than that, which is kinda sad. To be fair, I'm not sure if the SoC supports gigabit on the first place, which I kind of doubt as previous S905x/y series chips did not

  7. Resellers are destroying the SBC market. Everything is overpriced these days. Raspberry Pis being impossible to get at MSRP then we have all these wacky barely supported SBCs that pretend to be as good as Raspberry Pis but ending up falling short with support and compatibility. Us SBCs users have to wait til this whole silicon madness dies down.

  8. When these products first came out in 2016 , I was very excited. Because the specs looked really good. Now in 2023, specs are really on the low end!
    So I'm really disappointed now! As always, thank you for your presentation of this product! Good luck with future content.

  9. I wouldn't do anything serious on this current generation of SBCs from anyone with any ties to Taiwan/China. Just a thought.
    There's been some funny business (backdoors & security holes) already from a couple manufacturers worldwide. I'm not sure about this system, or where its made. Just be careful using anything from potentially compromised regions for anything requiring elevated security and privacy. That really goes for all tech in these times. But especially any tech that can communicate.

  10. Such minimal specs makes me suspicious. Could this just be an expedient placeholder before a more robust machine is available in the very near future. I cannot imagine this selling well, especially with such marginal Linux performance.

  11. USB 2.0 across the board in 2022 is a backwards step. The lack of Gigabit ethernet is laughable. This is just not worth it on any level. Khadas keeps making fundamental mistakes.

  12. Thanks for another great vid with perfect timing for me.

    After catching this Video I decided to "order the following kit" for my purposes it should be fine. The WiFi & Ethernet options cover teh comms requirements.
    Use Case: Using Android/OS it should (I Really Hope) allow me to monitor my fleet of BMS' (Battery Management Systems) for my offgrid solar system which is a separate building. Wired for Ethernet and is also within WiFi Range. The challenge such as it is will be to setup TeamViewer or the like between that Droid Device and Win-10

    VIM1S $64.90

    DIY Case $13.00 Color: Transparent

    RTC Battery $2.00

    3705 Cooling Fan $15.00

    New VIMs Heatsink $10.00

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