iQOO 11 5G, Malaysia’s First Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Flagship

iQOO 11 5G Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

iQOO, an independent sub-brand of vivo makes its debut in Malaysia with its iQOO 11 5G flagship smartphone, part of the brand’s trailblazing iQOO 11 lineups built for powerful performance. iQOO 11 5G delivers a next-level gaming experience powered by a top-of-the-line dual-chip system, cutting-edge display technology, and full sensory game control for an immersive mobile gaming experience.

“The iQOO 11 5G flagship smartphone is made with explorers in mind – those who seek to enjoy life to the fullest and who dare to push the boundaries in everything they do. iQOO 11 5G is tailored to our consumers’ lifestyles by offering powerful, all-around performance,” said Jeremy Lin, General Manager of iQOO Malaysia. “Gaming prowess is an integral part of the iQOO brand, and this lineup is perfectly crafted to deliver the ultimate immersive mobile gaming experience, truly showcasing our pursuit of technological innovation.”

“iQOO is the first to launch with Qualcomm’s most advanced chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and we are very proud to be part of the iQOO 11’s launch in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Qualcomm and iQOO strives to deliver an unbeatable gaming experience for the consumer, and that is evident with the iQOO 11’s sheer gaming prowess, powered by Snapdragon,” said ST Liew, VP & President, Qualcomm Taiwan and SEA, Austalia and New Zealand.

This year, iQOO continues to celebrate the world’s passion for high-end performance and speed as a premium partner of BMW M Motorsport.

Powerful Performance

iQOO 11 5G is powered by a new performance trio consisting of Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0. iQOO 11 5G is one of the first smartphones to launch equipped with Qualcomm’s latest top-performance chip—Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform. With the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, peak CPU and GPU performance are improved while keeping battery consumption at a minimum, providing the perfect balance between performance and battery life during and after prolonged gaming. In addition, the 16GB LPDDR5X and 256GB UFS 4.0 configuration offer iQOO 11 5G the latest in high-performance memory and storage, bringing users smooth and fast app startup and caching.

iQOO 11 5G is also equipped with Extended RAM 3.0, capable of adding up to 8GB of extended virtual memory to ensure stronger, smoother performance overall – supporting several apps running simultaneously in the background.

A powerful performance also requires an equally powerful battery and accompanying cooling capabilities. iQOO 11 5G boasts a large 5,000mAh battery which can be recharged with a 120W FlashCharge, conveniently charging the device from zero to 100% in 25 minutes.

The device is built with a Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling System featuring a 4,013 mm2 stamped stainless steel vapour chamber with three graphite layers to ensure an optimal temperature. Furthermore, iQOO 11 5G features a unique aviation-grade aluminium middle frame, structurally designed to maintain the top section of the device to stay up to 2°C cooler, specifically during intense gaming scenarios. Lastly, the device is capable of detecting and diagnosing instances of abnormal heating, ensuring a safer experience for all.

“Monster Inside” Gaming Experience

iQOO 11 5G offers a superb gaming experience powered by advanced display technology, a V2 Chip, and full sensory game control that ensures enhanced precision and immersive gameplay.

It boasts a 6.78-inch 2K E6 AMOLED display which provides vivid, lifelike images even under bright light, offering the ultimate visual experience. With the V2 Chip, iQOO 11 5G can maintain smooth visual effects with crystal-clear details by using motion prediction and compensation to reduce screen smearing and lagging. The V2 Chip also supports high-frame-rate games. With the latest Game Frame Interpolation technology, iQOO11 5G can boost the frame rate to 90/120fps through frame interpolation, even when the game does not support these frame rates, thus delivering a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.

On top of that, iQOO 11 5G supports In-Display Dual Monster Touch. With this feature, the left and right sides of the screen can be operated separately, and users can play with four fingers instead of two for faster, more convenient in-game control. The Dual X-Axis Linear Motor enriches the haptic experience, delivering lifelike damage feedback and better movement indication in games. The motors on the left and right sides can precisely indicate where the actions are happening in the game, such as a car passing nearby, and vibrate accordingly to offer a more immersive experience to the player according to scenarios.

iQOO 11 5G has a Dual Stereo Speaker placed vertically along the device to ensure a more balanced stereo effect, providing better feedback and adapting to specific scenes for either music, videos, or games. Using a Sound Field Expansion Algorithm, the device boosts the sound field by 50% to 120 degrees, helping users hear all the nuances of sound in games and videos.

Exquisite Design to Suit Your Style

The new iQOO 11 5G is available in Malaysia in a single colour scheme – the Legend edition. The design of the iQOO 11 5G flagship series in general is inspired by BMW M Motorsport. To deliver a unique sensory experience with the design, iQOO focuses on exploring a myriad of materials as well as implementing innovative production processes for its exterior design.

The back of the iQOO 11 5G Legend edition is decorated with the iconic iQOO tricolour stripe in the delicate ‘Clous de Paris’ pattern, a combination of brand colours from iQOO’s premium partnership with BMW M Motorsport. Each colour has its own meaning: red represents the passion and excitement for racing, black symbolising the pursuit of technological innovation, and blue represents the fun of exploring the unknown. Taken together, the three colours tell the story of how “Fascination Meets Innovation”. The recognisable racing stripe sits on top of an eye-catching Clous de Paris pattern, enhancing the elegant aesthetic of the device.

The material composition of the iQOO 11 5G Legend edition combines fibreglass and vegan leather to form a strong and durable back panel that ensures a comfortable grip. Furthermore, the device has a stain-resistant coating applied on top of the silicone leather to give it a high-quality finish that is soft to the touch.

Enhanced Photography Capabilities

iQOO 11 5G comes equipped with a robust camera module, empowering users to explore their creativity and capture photos and videos in various scenarios. iQOO 11 5G features a versatile rear camera system with a 50MP GN5 Ultra-Sensing Camera, a 13MP Telephoto & Portrait Camera, and an 8MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera, offering a wide range of advanced features. The new V2 Chip and the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform work together to support all-around camera performance upgrades, delivering unparalleled night photography and videography capabilities for pure, noise-free photos and videos. With Pure Night View and 4K Super Night Video, which adopts the upgraded Raw Video NR 3.0 algorithm, iQOO 11 5G can create professional-level content even in extremely dark scenes.

For optimal motion photography, iQOO 11 5G has a Zero-Shutter-Lag Motion Snapshot feature that tackles the issue of shutter lag – the time difference between when the shutter is triggered and when the photo is taken, providing a near-instant capture response and enabling users to capture what they see easily. To capture motion at night, iQOO 11 5G also offers a Night Camera Panning feature, which relies on the device’s stabilisation capabilities to minimise motion blur and significantly improve photo clarity in low-light sports shots.

In addition, the overall package is enriched with a variety of software additions, such as Studio-Quality Superb Portrait, which leverages AI Skin Retouching and AI HD algorithms, to produce professional-looking, natural portrait effects, and offers users master-level photo retouching functions.


iQOO 11 5G is available for purchase exclusively online first from 9 December 2022 at RM3,499. Customers can purchase the iQOO 11 5G vivo’s official e-store, and iQOO Malaysia’s official flagship store on Lazada, Shopee and TikTok shop. The devices are also available at selected vivo concept stores from 13 December onwards.

From 9 to 15 December 2022, the iQOO 11 5G is available at a special price of RM3,299. In the same period, customers who purchase the device are entitled to receive a 1-to-1 replacement for manufacturing defect, a iQOO VIP Card and a iQOO Wireless Active worth RM99. Customers can also enjoy special discounts for the iQOO Cooling Back Clip Pro at RM159, iQOO Wireless Active at RM139 and iQOO Game Finger Sleeves at RM19.

This article is written by iQOO, a sub-brand of the vivo group.

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