Versa provides Easy Investment to REITs and Gold

Versa Introducing Versa Gold and Versa REITs

Versa announced the expansion of its suite of digital investment offerings today through the launch of Versa REITs and Versa Gold which offer portfolio resilience amidst heightened market volatility. Investors can start investing in both Versa REITs and Versa Gold with a minimum of RM100, allowing easy access to the funds.

The new offerings align with Versa’s ambition in making investing accessible whilst also providing options that align with Malaysians financial goals. Both funds are managed by AHAM Capital, formerly known as Affin Hwang Asset Management.

Versa REITs is a fund that invests in multiple real estate sectors such as shopping malls, offices, data centres, business parks, factories and warehouses located across the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) region, that are managed by Asia’s top real estate companies.

With Versa REITs, Malaysians now have the opportunity to invest in real estate with a low starting capital of RM100. This removes the high barrier to entry in real estate investment for everyday Malaysians, as they no longer need to purchase the entire real estate space or building by investing in a REIT. With the fund’s highly diversified exposure across different sectors and countries, investors can add a measure of stability in their portfolios through consistent dividend payouts from the REITs. The underlying fund of Versa REITs is the Affin Hwang Select Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) REITs fund.

Versa Gold is Versa’s first Shariah-compliant fund that closely tracks the performance of gold price. This new offering makes the buying and selling of gold highly liquid and convenient with a low starting capital of RM100, as well as low transparent fees. As a store of value, gold offers investors downside protection through its negative correlation against risk assets like equities. This helps shield portfolio returns especially in a financial crisis or periods of geopolitical flare-ups as a widely regarded safe haven asset. The underlying fund of Versa Gold will be the Affin Hwang Shariah Gold Tracker fund.

Versa’s Chief Executive Officer Teoh Wei-Xiang states that Versa continuously strives to empower Malaysians to achieve financial wellness by providing offerings that are relevant, simple and accessible.

“In uncertain and turbulent economic periods, investors look for assets that can provide a safe harbour against stock market volatility. Due to its intrinsic properties, asset classes like real estate and gold continue to be favoured by global investors alike due to its stable nature and role as a hedge against inflation. In introducing Versa REITs and Versa Gold, Versa is committed to ensure that everyday Malaysians can invest in these resilient offerings with minimal entry barriers.”

AHAM Capital Managing Director Dato’ Teng Chee Wai highlights that there is a growing need for simple and affordable financial products. “Through our partnership with Versa, AHAM Capital remains committed in our journey towards spearheading digitalisation to make investing easier and more accessible to all Malaysians. With market cycles becoming shorter and sharper, asset classes like REITs and gold offer a way for investors to diversify their portfolios in order to grow and preserve wealth.”

Individuals who would like to know more about Versa Gold and Versa REITs can refer to the following articles for supplementary information: Versa REITs Article and Versa Gold Article. In addition to the articles, more information can be found via the Versa app.

The Versa app is currently available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Huawei AppGallery. For more information about Versa, kindly visit this link.

This article is written by Versa.

Versa provides Easy Investment to REITs and Gold 1
Versa provides Easy Investment to REITs and Gold 2
Versa provides Easy Investment to REITs and Gold 3
Versa provides Easy Investment to REITs and Gold 4
Versa provides Easy Investment to REITs and Gold 5

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