Online Security

Smominru Botnet Indiscriminately Hacked Over 90,000 Computers Just Last Month

Smominru Botnet

Insecure Internet-connected devices have aided different types of cybercrime for years, most common being DDoS and spam campaigns. But cybercriminals have now shifted toward a profitable scheme where botnets do not just launch DDoS or spam—they mine cryptocurrencies as well. Smominru, an infamous cryptocurrency-mining and credential-stealing botnet, has become one …

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Thousands of Google Calendars Possibly Leaking Private Information Online

google calendar search

“Warning — Making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?” Remember this security warning? No? If you have ever shared your Google Calendars, or maybe inadvertently, with someone that should not be publicly accessible anymore, you should immediately go back …

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US Sanctions 3 North Korean Hacking Groups Accused for Global Cyber Attacks

north korea cyber attack

The United States Treasury Department on Friday announced sanctions against three state-sponsored North Korean hacking groups for conducting several destructive cyberattacks on US critical infrastructure. Besides this, the hacking groups have also been accused of stealing possibly hundreds of millions of dollars from financial institutions around the world to ultimately …

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New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS

simjacker sim card hacking

Cybersecurity researchers right now revealed the existence of a brand new and beforehand undetected important vulnerability in SIM playing cards that might enable distant attackers to compromise focused cellphones and spy on victims simply by sending an SMS. Dubbed “SimJacker,” the vulnerability resides in a selected piece of software program, …

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New Malware Uses Windows BITS Service to Stealthy Exfiltrate Data

stealthfalcon malware windows bits

Cybersecurity researchers have found a brand new laptop virus related to the Stealth Falcon state-sponsored cyber espionage group that abuses a built-in element of the Microsoft Windows working system to stealthily exfiltrate stolen information to attacker-controlled server. Active since 2012, Stealth Falcon is a classy hacking group recognized for focusing …

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