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Steps: How to redeem free 1 year iflix via Unifi

How to redeem the 1 year free iflix on Unifi.

Step 1: Connect your PC/Laptop/Smartphone to Unifi, via Lan cable or Wifi
Step 2: Visit on your PC/Laptop OR install the iflix mobile app on Android/iOS (download links below)
Step 3: Clicks the “OMG! Let’s Play” red button
Step 4: Free 1 Year iflix. You can now watch unlimited movies, TV series on the device using any Internet service (Maxis/Celcom/Digi/U Mobile/Time). You can also follow the steps above and sign in to iflix on another 4 more devices using Unifi. These devices will be registered, no sign in required.


Download iflix for iOS-
Download iflix for Android:

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