Pay for another person’s purchases with iPay88’s Pay4Me

iPay88 Sdn Bhd, an online payment gateway provider in South East Asia, is introducing Pay4Me a solution that allows payment to be made on behalf of another person’s purchases.

Pay for another person’s purchases with iPay88's Pay4Me 1

The new secured digital payment, works by redirecting payment requests to a Payor, who is not the shopper / purchaser but pays on behalf for that online transaction.

Co-founder and Executive Director of iPay88 – Lim Kok Hing explains, “Pay4Me is a useful and convenient online payment solution that is ideal for families with youngsters and older folks, or even domestic helpers who do not have easy access to credit or debit cards, or online banking options to transact online.”

“We developed Pay4Me to directly reduce the hassle in payment settlements for the Payor, who is usually also the Main Family Dependent. Such role is normally shouldered by the parents, or working member of the family,” says Lim.

Whether it is online groceries shopping, routine payment of children’s tuition fees or school fees, mobile phone top-ups, basically items and services that a family network would usually require and obtain via online purchases – all the payment requests is redirected to the Payor to approve and pay, in the most secure, convenient and efficient manner.

Lim continues to say that “All the existing merchants of iPay88 can opt to integrate Pay4Me as one of their payment options with no additional cost. The process is simple and all it takes is an activation from our end.”

Pay4Me works in three simple steps:

1. The online shopper simply ‘Checks Out’ from the online store using the Pay4Me option by providing the Payor’s email addresses, contact number and (optional) message for Payor to pay for the purchases made.

2. The payment link is sent to the Payor via email. When clicked, the Payor is redirected to the iPay88’s payment page for credit card input or online banking authentication.

3. The Payor is given 48 hours to complete the payment, for the particular online purchase status to be ‘PAID’ or ‘PAYMENT MADE’.

Pay4Me is secured as iPay88 complies with International Security Standards (PCI DSS Certified Level 1), which is the highest standard in payment industry to ensure all transactions are safeguarded. iPay88 is regulated under Financial System Act 2013 as well as the Central Bank of Malaysia.

Lim says that iPay88 will continue to innovate digital payment solutions that can practically serve the evolving needs and requirements of the Asian society – where families often have tight financial and monetary management, but are prioritizing on providing care and convenience for the family networks’ minors and seniors.

“At iPay88, the path of innovation in business means doing something differently and better to make a positive difference in terms of value, quality or productivity by using emerging or proved technologies of the world. With Pay4Me, iPay88 offers a variety of different payment methods that cater to different age group and to serve different purposes. This ultimately could translate into higher sales volume for our merchants.”

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