uCloudlink launches innovative mobile data service GlocalMe Inside

26 April 2018, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiauCloudlink, the global innovative mobile data solution provider, has today launched GlocalMe Inside, a powerful data service designed for frequent & business travelers. GlocalMe Inside service provides network coverage in 100+ countries and regions, enabled by CloudSIM technology and delivered through extensive carrier partnerships that ensure fair local data charges for its customers. The move marks the introduction of a new era of positive disruption for cross-border business, bringing expense management, convenience, flexibility and robust global network coverage for reliability of service.

Alongside this new service innovation, uCloudlink also introduces two models of the brand new GlocalMe Inside World Phone, in which the service had been pre-installed.

As of April 2018, the new GlocalMe Inside service has been rolled out in Hong Kong in collaboration with Hong Kong Broadband. The company is also in active conversation with potential customers and partners across key markets in Asia and North America, discussing the launch of GlocalMe Inside service’s forthcoming global footprint in the near future.

Mr. Simon Tan, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, uCloudlink says, “uCloudlink is dedicated to continuous mobile data solution innovation. Our vision is to offer the utmost accessibility of mobile data for everyone in the world. The new service and our new phone products are a reflection of our commitment to improve global mobility by enhancing and sharing CloudSIM technologies with the world. This will achieve true global connectivity and sharing without limitations. We hope this service innovation can turn many silent roamers into active ones, addressing one of the most pressing challenges facing the entire industry.”

Elitek is the first phone brand to be launched with the service embedded. uCloudlink is expecting to see increasingly rapid collaboration with more 3rd party phone brands in the future for which the GlocalMe Inside mobile data service will be available, making them the first true World Phone.

Mr. Bill Zhang, General Manager of the Smart Devices Business, uCloudlink, explains, “We are very excited about this service innovation which represents a significant breakthrough for business users and other mobile data service users who travel extensively. GlocalMe® Inside overhauls the current mobile data package fee and contracting model, and therefore is a massively positive disruption to the telecommunications industry in this regard. For too long, service users have been subject to high rates, non-transparent pricing models and data roaming which often costs well beyond what was expected; the GlocalMe® Inside revolution changes all that. We have for a long time now been inspired by the truly disruptive players who have changed the way the world works, from social media and accommodation booking services to app-based technology and changes to the media industry by disruptive communication. This is what uCloudlink GlocalMe® Inside is all about”.

Global roaming revenue was not significantly increased with the growth of international travelers and smartphone users as was expected by the carriers. The main reason is the user’s fear of high data roaming charges. “Our disruptive technology and innovations built on customer convenience and genuine cost management changes all of this”, he concludes.

Unlimited data plans alongside additional pay-as-you-go packages

GlocalMe® Inside service adopts a monthly fee model with unlimited global data. In addition to monthly plans, customers who require extra data usage or higher connection speed may consider extensive pay-as-you-go packages offered by GlocalMe® Inside, available for purchase using the GlocalMe® Connect App. Additionally, 24/7 aftersales customer support is provided to assist customers wherever they are.

Another important feature of the GlocalMe® Inside service lies in its revolutionary Intelligent Network Selection technology, ensuring data users are always connected to the fastest and most reliably robust signal.

Truly international mobile phones – GlocalMe® Inside World Phone

The GlocalMe® Inside World Phone comes in two models: S1, the smartphone and P1, the feature phone. Both mobile phones support full range frequency band management for genuine transnational usage.

World Phone S1:

Operating system Android
CPU Qualcomm
Network parameter Full range frequency
Display 5.5 Inch
Colors Gold, Black, Blue
Hotspot capacity Can connect a maximum of 8 devices
Suggested global retail price US$339.99 (MYR 1,324.90) with 20G global data

(data valid for 365 days)


World Phone P1:

Operating system Android
CPU Qualcomm
Network parameter Full range frequency
Display 2.4 Inch
Colors Blue, Orange
Hotspot capacity Can connect a maximum of 5 devices
Suggested global retail price US$239.99 (MYR 935.215) with 20G global data

(data valid for 365 days)

Pre-order of GlocalMe® Inside World Phone S1 is now available at: www.glocalme.com/worldphone/pre-order

Official sales of GlocalMe® Inside World Phone S1 will start on 15 May 2018. Please visit the following website to find out more about the sales channels : www.glocalme.com/package/purchase

uCloudlink’s reputation as a solid leader in CloudSIM technology and mobile data solutions is well established, and with a 60%+ share of the pocket Wi-Fi market in China, the company is building on its leadership in this field. Founded by ICT leaders who are passionate about establishing a forward-looking business model for the mobile network industry, uCloudlink grew from start-up to a global business in a short period of time. uCloudlink has proven capability in providing high volume access and support for global mobile data usage.

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