BIGO LIVE launches Cube TV in Malaysia for gamers

Malaysia, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BIGO LIVE – Singapore’s fastest growing internet company announces its official launch of Cube TV in Malaysia today. The new service will focus on mobile gaming livestreaming, esports arena and a game shopping mall to meet the needs and demands of gamers. Cube TV is one of four apps launched by BIGO in their quest to provide premier video broadcast and VoIP-related products and services all over the world.

Cube TV officially launched in Malaysia and the service is focused on mobile gaming livestreaming with aims to give gamers in Malaysia a set up in the eSports arena.
The app also boasts an advance technology that allows high quality real-time video streaming with an extremely short latency. Cube TV allows users to watch live streams and videos in Blu-ray and will soon roll out 8M Blu-ray and 20M full HD for videos and live streaming at a later time.

Cube TV is on target to provide the greatest value-added experience that a live streaming platform can offer, with features including free gifts for viewers, point system for rewards, introductions to the most popular gaming trends, latest news, and live coverage of competitive esports.

With over 200 million registered users and a presence in over one hundred countries (including South Korea, Japan, the United States, and Australia), the launch of Cube TV in Malaysia is a significant milestone for BIGO LIVE.

“With Cube TV’s Malaysia launch, we hope to contribute to the e-gaming scene and foster opportunities for gamers in Asia. The idea behind it is to create a vibrant gaming environment where we provide our users with the opportunity to interact and pit themselves in the gaming arena. Additionally, allowing them to widen their circle of friends where they will be able to share their interest with like-minded people. In the long run, we hope to contribute to the e-gaming scene and foster opportunities for gamers in Asia to interact and pit themselves in a fun, healthy social setting and even build a professional gaming career. We’ve signed professional e-gamers and are expecting to see more PROs and game-related partners for future collaboration. As part of our strategic expansion following the success of our series D funding round, I am pleased to announce that Malaysia is definitely one of the key market in South East Asia for us. With the recent US$272 million funding via YY Inc as the lead investor, BIGO will continue to invest its resources, and continue to ensure that the platform remains healthy and safe for our users, in both entertainment and mobile gaming livestreaming platforms,” noted James Chen, BIGO Regional Manager.

James Wang, Vice-president of BIGO added, “BIGO has been at the forefront of global artificial intelligence (AI) Research & Development and has recently opened a research facility in Singapore and will be talent scouting for over 100 ‘top-notch’ AI engineers globally. The group hopes to serve both public and private sectors with its AI technology solutions and become a leader in that segment. Although currently well-funded, we are constantly exploring possibilities for strategically-appropriate mergers and acquisitions in the industrial chain.”

Alan Ting, VP of Sales, MOL, “BIGO is one of our strategic partners and we are excited to be partnering Cube TV to drive the mobile gaming landscape. We have been working with BIGO LIVE since their earlier days. MOL is honoured to be one of their top partners and we are in talks for further plans to forge deeper cooperation to drive not just Msia but also across the region to bring more users benefits to both sides.”

BIGO will continue its focus to strengthen its position in both entertainment and game streaming and is currently securing more anchors and partners to enhance global collaborations.

Users will be able to follow the latest happenings in esports arena as the app has secured the exclusive rights to broadcast the most popular esports events and tournaments for mobile games on the platform. Users can catch some of the most popular esports video games live streams in the world such as PUBG Mobile, League of Legends and DOTA2.

Due to Cube TV’s massive involvement in the esports scene, many esports teams have also joined the platform for game practicing in between tournaments, as well as to interact with fans.

It is not just esports talent that the service caters to, but also key gaming influencers. Cube TV steps up to provide users the opportunity to turn professional. With plans to recruit and train thousands of internet broadcasters from different regions, Cube TV constantly provides the resources needed to help kickstart any streamer’s passion.

Viewers also benefit from the usage of Cube TV as the service provides them with a myriad of incentives ranging from free gifts, a point-redemption system, an online shopping mall, thousands of videos to watch and much more.

Cube TV is available now on Google Play and ios. However, as it is a streaming service, subscribers must own the game to play, as the platform does not give free games except via reward giveaways.

BIGO LIVE launches Cube TV in Malaysia for gamers 1
BIGO LIVE launches Cube TV in Malaysia for gamers 2
BIGO LIVE launches Cube TV in Malaysia for gamers 3
BIGO LIVE launches Cube TV in Malaysia for gamers 4
BIGO LIVE launches Cube TV in Malaysia for gamers 5