Close to 60k Astro Customer Accounts Breached, now on Sale

Malaysia-based technology portal has reported that some 60,000 accounts of Astro customers are currently on sale online. The leaked data was 1st discovered in January 2018.

It said, “The database was specific to Astro IPTV customers, and the seller claimed that they have up to 50,000 customer details, which included the Customers Name, Installation Address, MyKAD number, Mobile Phone Number, Equipment and Portal ID numbers, as well as subscribed package information.” has informed Astro about the breach in January 2018 and Astro said it will take action.

However, 5-months later, Astro has been busy in offering its WorldCup 2018 packages. It failed to inform affected customers while discovered recently that the leaked data are now sold at a higher price online. It is now for sale at RM4,500, per 10,000 records or almost RM27,000 for the entire database.

Astro has around 5.5 million customers at the end of 2017, including Njoi customers. It is still unclear on how many Astro customers are affected by this breach.

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