Hong Leong Bank’s Raya-themed mobile game Jom Raya

Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s (‘HLB’ or ‘the Bank’) Raya-themed mobile game called Jom Raya has caught the attention of gamers, making it the top trending arcade game currently on Google Play Store.

The Jom Raya App has been so popular that prizes have been highly redeemed within just two days of its launch, a testament of how sticky and engaging the game is. More prizes will be added throughout the Raya festive period to reward eager gamers in keeping their fingers busy.

“As part of our ‘Digital at the Core’ philosophy, we seek to lead digital innovation not only from a transactional but also from a customer engagement perspective. Naturally, we are delighted with the response to our game. Its success goes back to our core objective of using modern development techniques (UX/UI and HCD methodologies) to deliver customer centric products and services that meet customers’ financial needs whilst being engaging,” said Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HLB.

Zalman Zainal, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of HLB said that as Malaysia becomes more mobile-first centric, HLB will continue to push its customer experience beyond the borders of traditional banking.

“We are reimagining the banking journey by looking at more ways to engage with our customers, not just for transactions but also from an experiential standpoint. The success of Jom Raya shows the affinity of our customers to interactive mobile technologies, lending credence to our digital-led approach to connect with them,” he said.

Jom Raya is built on the success of HLB’s previous AngPow TAP mobile game that was launched during Chinese New Year earlier this year. Jom Raya, which translates into ‘let’s celebrate together’, challenges players to balik kampung by jumping from one platform to another without falling. Players stand a chance to win instant gifts, cash prizes and e-duit Raya.

The Jom Raya mobile game can be downloaded via the Hong Leong Connect app or directly from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store. The game is available until 15 July 2018.

In conjunction with the festive season, HLB has launched an integrated creative and digital campaign for Hari Raya Aidilfitri to drive awareness on responsible financial planning through engaging and interactive platforms.The Bank’s Hari Raya theme of ‘Menyemai Impian’ or ‘Sowing Dreams’ was brought to life through various creative and engaging initiatives. Apart from Jom Raya mobile game, HLB also launched a heartwarming campaign video of a young girl learning the value of savings from her father in a most peculiar way.

The three-minute video called ‘Abah Tak Bagi’ tells the story of how a young girl is taught the value of saving by her ‘cheap and stingy’ father. Much to her disdain, the young child’s requests for expensive items are met with cheaper, albeit quirky, options by her well-meaning and resourceful father.

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