WARNING: 60 minutes read for outsider, 40 minutes read for MCMC folks/KKMM folks, and 20 minutes read for industry peeps, and 3 minutes read for YB Gobind, perhaps.

[“Get up, Stand up” blasted through headphones on repeat of an unknown. The suited dignitary was running late for his flight. A woman was trailing behind him holding an ipad with the word “Susuk” engraved on it.

A lot of you have probably read the infamous Part 1 here https://www.malaysiainternet.my/mwforum/topic/yb-gobind-investigate-mcmc-scandals-remove-mcmc-chiefs-part-1/#post-21272-
, which we heard it had caused some tremendous suspicious BOT attacks from MCMC https://www.malaysiainternet.my/mwforum/topic/we-are-getting-bot-attack-from-mcmc/

We know you have been patiently waiting for this Part. Your patience is highly appreciated. Just to be clear, albeit we don’t really think the DDOS attacks on the controversial Part 1 were from MCMC, but who knows what they can do. If the attacks were intentional, we beg the perpetrators to PLEASE stop using all these tactics to put this forum page down! We hear you out, Scamboy, tell us what happened? Why was the page attacked if it merely published fair comments on well known scandals, without any proof to impute anyone in particular. Don’t surprise, Part 1 was simply the smoke and not fire.

First month of Malaysia 2.0 passed… and MCMC’s rent-seeking, power craving, sanctimonious and bumptious chiefs are still calling the shots within the corridors of power. MCMC’s emerald years of the nation’s communications and multimedia regulatory authority, which was once revered and dignified in the eyes of our international neighbours, is now disarrayed and contaminated behind the curtains of pretense. We have been watching and listening very closely to every single word </span>uttered by you, YB Gobind to see what changes you will make to MCMC. It appears that you are cordial with MCMC’s / ministry’s folks. Nothing seems to change! The industry has been keeping its nose to the grindstone for years waiting patiently for these changes, and yet nothing seems to change! After these years of experiencing MCMC’s God complex where the people who had spoken up had been silenced, demoted, transferred or somehow punished, nothing seems to change!

(“Hey, how are you, our beloved KK on Twitter? You seem to be missing; we miss your entertaining tweets, wondering if you have been secretly removed from Twitter).

A wise person once said that the fate of the country lies not in the hands of the one, but in the many. Similarly, a car does not move an inch without the aggressive movements of the pistons. YB Gobind, you may be the car, but we are your aluminium pistons. Here, for you, our honourable YB Gobind and fellow readers, please accept our humble views on what should be done to MCMC:-

(a) Set up an ad hoc investigation panel for corruption and abuse of powers, put the Chief’s on leaves, whilst cut down their fat pay checks NOW

In its existing state, the Commission is akin to a balloon with tiny holes, no matter how much air is pumped through; it proves pointless if these holes are not patched. Similarly, the Commission will continue with the way it is if certain people in power are not brought to book.

To deal with this, firstly, we recommend to set up an independent ad-hoc enquiry consisted of industry experts (considered we are in glasnost era now) and intellectual working members of MCMC or ministry to review thoroughly and impartially of all structural defects and corruptive practices of MCMC, including all regulations, policies, committees, forums, task forces, programs, projects which were redundant and ineffective misused by certain individuals to obtain their desired outcome. However, in order to do so, YB Gobind, you need to put those Chiefs in garden leaves or whatever compulsory leaves, otherwise, it is irony, farny, and unwise to investigate a kite letter like ours with the appointment of the super villains as the heads of the investigative committee. We believe you, YB Gobind, are more than… learned, right, not to be charmed by bells and whistles offered by the infamous female ringleader.

At the same time, we are aware and conscious during this holy month of puasa and coming Ramadan, we must always forgive. Religion teaches us about forgiveness, so how much should we forgive? Should we now give way to the “rule of law” to excuse the blatant wrongdoings of the Chiefs during this holy month AGAIN and AGAIN since the donkey years? To echo the words of the wise Tun Dr. Mahathir, 7th (and 4th) PM, “Our intention is to go for people who have shown a tendency to be corrupt or who have committed known corrupt acts“, that quote in itself is an invitation. Are you going to ignore that invitation?

Our argument is simple on why the Chiefs should go. These Chiefs could have stood firm on their positions to defend the Commission in the face of political pressures during the former ruling party’s era, however, they did not defend; worse, condoned and further indulged in conspiring with the political masters so possessed them and abused their powers to benefit and enrich themselves in the name of notorious adage “Saya Yang Menurut Perintah”. My foot!

Our thoughtful cabinet had agreed to cut down their salaries by 10% yet the Chiefs are all reaping the benefits of their promotions so easily given by the former Minister in 2017, while the remaining 90%+ of MCMC folks still struggled to obtain a sliver of their Chiefs’ and senior directors’ salaries? No wonder some of the working staffs are freaking laggards. It’s obvious that some industrious Heads of Ds fail to obtain promotions after decades of hard work while certain Chiefs, or Chieftresses, who drive luxury cars which can even put the most ferocious and beautiful felines in the African continent to shame. You may think fat pay checks eliminate or reduce corruption, well, definitely not. In fact, the pay checks catalyse their male fide corruptive hobbies. Maybe only a 50% pay cut can only restore their holy innocence for now. Then, upon completion of investigation, take firm action to sack them in accordance to rule of law.

After removal of current Chiefs, the problem will still remain if MCMC has bad Chiefs again. Therefore, we recommend to YB that appointment of Chiefs should be based on meritocracy solely internally, and not based on the ability to charm or mastermind the dubious arrangement of moneys transfer into accounts of family members or relatives or accepting non-monetary considerations, like the 3 handsome brothers who gifted condos, allegedly. We are reminded that the corruption planet is domiciled by not the patriarchal figures, but also the women who fight ferociously in the name of equality. The corruption planet is gender-neutral and gender blind. Let that be a reminder during a thorough investigation.

Remember, the top 3 priorities that you highlighted in the media, (1) live.undi.com block, (2) massive data breach, (3) BOTS attack on politicians’ mobile phones are important but not the biggest problems as above alluded. These suspects are so delighted and relaxed as the media is now occupied with these 3 issues only. It gives them the ample time to hide their dark secrets in far away gifted condos (which are for human habitation, not the lembus – LOL). One rumour in the town was that the Chieftress who worked in team with other Chiefsss, have deceitfully orchestrated the award of USP contracts worth hundreds of millions to a/many conglomerate which took a big cut on the projects by sub-contracting to other real contractors. UMDC (p/s: we love to reverse everything, you know) whined and wept upon hearing and thinking why the Chiefsss were asking for higher amount of “liaison fees” fearing they could not be able to catch up with the astronomical “liaison fees”. Not to forget we are only showing the tip of the iceberg, sometimes criminals help each other to escape prison walls; sometimes they help each other stay away from handcuffs. Also, don’t surprise some senior management rivalries are just acts to deceive us all, a kind of triangulation; co-operation is the key, at times, so convoluted that the sharpest mind can’t plot even the game plan.

We stress that this matter is extremely urgent and without any firm and immediate action from you, YB, we are fearful that the reformasi riots in the Commission may begin. If at all, nothing above works, we tolong the Chiefs to resign please, you know who you are. It would be the most honourable thing to do before the Ramadan arrives.

(B) Restore the independence of the Commission & address the outflow moneys of the Commission to their sisters, brothers and others

Secondly, restore the independence of the Commission by decentralising the Minister’s powers and minimizing his mighty discretionary powers. The Minister’s discretionary powers should not be abused by sending wahyu to MCMC as postman to be forwarded to the poor victims on the short end of the stick via short notice, or wahyu which results in questionable utilization of funds. Political influences over statutory bodies should be minimized to the extent that the Commission must always be seen as independent. One recommendation (which could also be applicable to all other Commission) is that the Chairman should be appointed by the YDP Agong based on recommendations made by a parliamentary sub-committee sit by the ruling and opposition MPs. You may realise this is extremely important because a weak alpha can’t lead the packs, worse, creates more treacherous wolves, which is the current conundrum – as stripping YB’s powers now will only empower the little wolves which do more disaster than good. The people in MCMC know better, we suggest you ask around, starting from the bottom.

Another headache is the outflow of MCMC funds. Let’s begin with some food for thought that may catch you unaware: in 2016, MCMC’s organisational and USP fund incomes were valued at RM831 million and RM1.04billion respectively whilst in 2015, the figures strayed not too far, at RM728.5million and RM1.79billion respectively. Admittedly, the MCMC funds are not as resplendent, and pail in comparison to those of Bank Negara considering the numbers of folks MCMC need to maintain, but it must have been worthy enough for the bloodsuckers of the then ruling party to have set their eyes and tentacles on it. If you have to ask “why?“, you are not paying enough attention. At certain times, the Commission was also asked to “bail out” or “assist” other sisters or brothers’ agencies or ministries financially or even political parties without being questioned, but how much the Commission can tahan? Can the Commission be charged of misuse of funds as a political conduit for haram moneys to D-UMNO or pockets of previous ministers?

[I am not I, we are not we. Don’t try guessing who we are or I am. Hint: you cannot build a castle with one hand, you need more intelligence… But JASA just bungkus? Well, what about Red Bean Army? Too many enemies, too hard to guess.]

(C) Beyoncé – LISTEN …

How do you listen to the people? The people here means your staffs in the Ministry, under the Ministry, industry folks, MCMC staffs, babies of MCMC, politicians and everyone at the bottom – shout demo(c)krasi! One idea is to create a Tabung Harapan MCMC. This Tabung Harapan MCMC will not collect pennies of MCMC staffs (whom are already penniless most of the times), but an open box to collect constructive views, evidence of corruption, or comments from the licensees, MCMC staffs, ex-staffs, relevant bodies, agencies, ministries, or concerned public. Give a 30-days period, place the Tabung Harapan MCMC at the front of your Ministry’s lobby or at the MCMC’s counter or any place so conspicuous that no visitors can miss and yet no CCTV will photograph or record the images of “donors” to secure the confidentiality of the “donors”. You want to be transparent, but the people are fearful of the backlash they may receive as the Chiefs are still sitting on the helms with pervasive powers of influence and aura.

Alternatively, we suggest the setting up of a horizontal channel for those with information to report to you without fear of removal, prosecution, transfer or demotion or other form of punishment. The name “MCMC” connotes freedom and transparency of information which should flow ubiquitously in the Commission or within the Ministry. The Whistleblower Act 2010 aims to protect informants, while ideal, this assurance is not insurance enough for the fearful truth-ers to walk into the nearest MACC office to speak their minds. The glaring truths are not on the heavily curated pieces of sheets that the management has neatly prepared for you; it’s in the minds of the “ants” that helped their kings and queens steal the crumbs on the counter. We are sure you would want to start looking for the corrupt links between the previous ministers (or prime ministers) and MCMC, and how much damage was done as strongly urged by Eric Paulsen http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/wrongdoings-mcmc-must-be-investigated-say-lawyers, won’t you? or have you lost the focus to finding sponsors for LIVE 2018 World Cup that is so much more important?

The time cannot wait for you to act. The right minded Heads of Ds who have proven their track record and stood firm against all political adversity, have pledged their loyalty to the Commission and not the political masters cannot wait. They who have always been tested between a rock and a hard place but yet still make the right decision should be promoted in replacement of the corrupt ones in the esteemed “Council of Elders” within MCMC’s walls. This would cease on-going talent deficit and erosion in the Commission to the private sector. Guess that’s the reason why people hate HR dept. all around the world.

In Part 3, we want to inspire people to start talking and doing what is right, for the country, right for the people.

[Music off. Phone on radio silence. “Rights of Man” in hand, boarding pass in another. Goodbye for now. Holiday mode on…]

Dibayar oleh,
the Reformist v.2

P/s: Our email just got hacked! F*ck!