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A Maxis manager has been suspended after a video of her flaring up at employees

A video of a woman scolding two of her subordinates has spread like wildfire over the Internet.

According to the Malaysia News Station’s Facebook post, she is a manager at Malaysian telecommunications company Maxis.

In the video, she points an accusing finger at each of the employees, blaming one of them for failing to perform delegated tasks and threatening to fire her. She is also heard asking the other employee in a condescending manner: “What are you good at?”

The video, which was posted on Saturday (Sept 29), has so far garnered 150,000 views, over 2,000 likes, while drawing over a thousand comments.

Many people have expressed anger towards the woman and sympathy for the employees who were being yelled at.

On the same day, Maxis responded to the video on Twitter, stating that the employee in the video had been “suspended indefinitely”.

The incident is “currently under investigation”, the company added.

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