Find solutions to improve Internet access, Gobind tells TM

Broadband service provider, Telekom Malaysia (TM), needs to find ways to improve Internet access and penetration nationwide, says Gobind Singh Deo.

The Communications and Multimedia Minister said it was the government’s policy to provide broadband Internet access to the people and to give emphasis to the best quality of service.

“It is the government’s policy to provide access to all, not only the supply, but also the best quality of service, while at the same time being able to compete with other countries at the international level,” he tweeted on Monday (Sept 10).

He said this in response to complaints that the Internet access in several locations in the country was still unreliable, despite users being charged with unreasonable price.

“The matter is now under the Communications and Multimedia Ministry’s scrutiny. Discussions will be held soon with all telcos offering new packages,” he said.

The minister also asked TM to re-evaluate its Streamyx broadband service, which was alleged to be less satisfactory.

“TM needs to explain the problem with Streamyx and what is the constraint, in terms of infrastructure, that hampered the speed, and they need to propose some measures to solve this problem.

“In order to achieve targets to provide access to all, higher speeds, lower prices and better quality, all must work together and do their part. Constant updates on part of all telcos is important,” he said.

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