edotco- Belanjawan 2019 Commentary

Suresh Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer, edotco Group commented:

Belanjawan 2019 reflects the government’s ambition of building a digitally connected nation through the National Fiber Connectivity Plan.

We laud their commitment to enable greater connectivity throughout the nation and efforts to develop the country’s infrastructure for broadband. As operators continue to connect fiber to homes, there is also a need to extend fiber to other infrastructures in Malaysia, especially if we want to be 5G-ready.

With approximately just 30 – 40% of towers in the country integrated with fiber, it is crucial that we ensure we are equipped with the right telecommunication infrastructure. To meet price and speed aspirations we need to encourage more infrastructure sharing and adoption of fixed wireless access. The current tower infrastructure is still relatively under fiberized. Funds can be used to promote connectivity, which has a more immediate impact on access and speed, especially in rural areas.

At edotco, we look forward to partnering the government in driving Malaysia’s vision to provide high-speed internet access to all, in tandem with the positive measures outlined in Belanjawan 2019.

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