Fireman wasn’t run over at Seafield temple, says DG

The Fire and Rescue Department has denied accusations that its truck had run over the firefighter who was injured in Tuesday morning’s temple violence.

Its director-general, Mohammad Hamdan Wahid said it would be lodging police reports against anyone making such “baseless statements”.

“We would like to ask groups to refrain from making baseless statements and we are currently in the process of lodging police reports,” Hamdan told reporters at Institut Jantung Negara this evening.

He said there are laws against making false allegations and they would take action to protect the department’s integrity.

Earlier today, the Sri Maha Mariamman temple task force, led by S Ramaji, claimed the critically-injured firefighter, Muhammad Adib Kassim, 24, was not assaulted by rioters as earlier reported but was instead run down by a fire engine.

Fireman wasn’t run over at Seafield temple, says DG

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