Mozilla releases Firefox 66.0.3

Mozilla will release Firefox 66.0.3, a minor upgrade to the web browser’s stable channel, later today.

Firefox 66.0.3 is the third minor release after the release of Firefox 66.0 in March 2019. Firefox 66.0.1 was a security update to address new vulnerabilities discovered by participants of the Pwn2Own hacking contest, Firefox 66.0.2 a bug fix release that addressed an issue with certain online editors.

Firefox 66.0.3 will be released later today if the schedule holds. Firefox users may check for updates manually by selecting Menu > Help > About Firefox. Note that the check comes up empty at the time of writing as the new version has not been released officially.

Downloads are already available but it is recommended to wait for the official release announcement.

Firefox 66.0.3 is a bug fix release that addresses the following four issues in Firefox Stable:

  • Performance issues with certain HTML5 games on See “Games on are slow because they use an obfuscator that deliberately triggers stack overflow exceptions” bug 1537609 for additional information. Mozilla appears to have received feedback from a large number of users who ran into the issue to warrant a bug fix release.
  • Additional keypress event fixes for select Microsoft cloud applications and IBM cloud applications. Check out “Remove superfluous dot from use_legacy_keycode_and_charcode pref” bug 1539618 for the Microsoft cloud applications issue and””Enter” key is broken in our IBM Sametime Webchat application when using Firefox 66″ bug 1538970 for details on the IBM cloud applications issue.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the Firefox address bar behavior on tablets running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. See “Waking up from sleep / switching to tablet mode shows a sticky address bar panel, when Firefox is the default browser” bug 1498973 for additional details.

Firefox 66.0.3 includes an updated Baidu search plugin next to all that.

Mozilla releases Firefox 66.0.3 1
Mozilla releases Firefox 66.0.3 2
Mozilla releases Firefox 66.0.3 3
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