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Are you already planning to get Google’s Pixel 4?

Usually, we don’t ask this question until a whole lot later in the year when announcements have been made, specs have been determined, and all that’s left between you and a purchase is the willingness to hit “add to cart.” But, we’ve noticed quite a trend when it comes to our readers speaking out about purchasing the Pixel 4, even though there’s still more that we don’t know than we do. If for nothing other than comparison later in the year, are you already planning for the Pixel 4?

A few details are a given, based on both the leaks so far and what we can usually expect. It’s almost certain Google’s next Pixel will have the 2019 flagship standard Snapdragon 855 SoC, renders of the back have shown we’ll be getting two cameras, and some leaks from Android Q imply we might see features like enhanced biometric facial recognition, an ambient light-adapting dynamic white balance, and maybe even support for air gestures of some kind. Google may even decide that 4GB of RAM finally

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