Does a Case Make Your Phone Slower?

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49 Comments on “Does a Case Make Your Phone Slower?”

  1. Great video! Loved that you included the raw data, not just the graphs. Also, really appreciate you actually used the name "steady-state"! Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. I reason why covering the display resulted in more throttling is because the light from the display is being reflected back onto the chassis

  3. Well it will get heavier no matter what. So the different weight could effect the throwing speed of the the Phone even if it's just a slight difference.
    So yes a case will effect your phone's speed even though it will most likely be so insignificant that I won't matter at the end of the day.

  4. So android devices are known to have random app crashes all the time and iPhones are known to have stable and high quality apps right? Guess what it's the exact opposite of it.🤣

  5. Did anyone check if the proximity sensor caused the thermal throttling?
    (i.e. if the phone is in your pocket, that is a good feature to have)
    Instead of the idea that phones vent though the screen . . ?

  6. I really like that editing when you went to google maps and zoomed out on your current destination, and then went and zoomed in on your determined destination. That was dope

  7. You should retry but add active cooling to see. The heat could be saturating both the glass backs and the cases since no heat is being carried away efficiently. It also may matter how the tests were done; whether the phones were held or put on the counter top as this would also effect how heat is carried away. If they were all on the surface then it restricts airflow and how heat can be removed. Combine this with the fact that the backs of the phones are glass which is an insulator in its own right these results aren't surprising.

  8. I've been using PIA for multiple years (even before they were sponsors of the show). Today was my first time using your sponsor code and renewing my subscription for another 2 years. I really like the copious amounts of servers, the speed and ease of use they offer. 5/7 can recommend.

  9. Lol I truly never thought about this. But then again I’m one of those morons that don’t use a case with my phone that cost half the price of my pc rig 🙃🙃🙃 hope I don’t drop it 1200 dollars later

  10. You guys are significantly affecting the tests by being inconsistent in laying the phone on the marble surface (which is an excellent thermal conductor) vs keeping it in your hand.

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