iPhones to Get New Video Features That Android Switchers Will Love

The next version of iOS will bring more advanced video editing capabilities to iPhones, a feature that many users coming from Android missed when making the switch.

Right now, iOS 12 comes with only basic options for video editing, despite Apple providing many more features for photos.

For example, if you want to edit a video on an iPhone, the only thing you can do right now is to actually trim it, while for photos, you get the following options:

Crop and rotate
Light, color, and B&W adjustments

On the other hand, Android users get many more options when it comes to video editing, including the following tools:

Crop and trim
Resolution editor
Filters and effects
Eye, sim face, skin tone adjustments (when available)
Background music and sound options

More options coming in iOS 13

And as it turns out, Apple wants to finally improve its video editor as well with the release of iOS 13 in the fall, and as per CultOfMac, users will be provided with several new options, including the following:

Crop and trim
Filters and effects
Color adjustments
Save as copy

As you can see, the plan appears to be providing users with a more advanced video editing…


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