Look what we found in NVIDIA's Top Secret Gaming Monitor Lab

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  1. The funniest part is, that somebody got bored at work, wanted a challenge and made the Biggest F*** Game Display to keep busy. xD Well they made it interesting.

  2. Good job N-Vidia for sponsoring the video.

  3. I have seen quite a few people asking for a list of G- sync monitors and which one are on the failed list, you can go here (https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/) and try to find your monitor, if it is not on the list
    then it did not make the mark.

  4. 1k AMD fanboys dident like this video!

  5. When he went into the monitor cage i was like "omg i see mine!" 😀

  6. That tape is hilarious.

  7. my elementary school had the same kind of handle as the one right at the start of this vid, and it only just occurred to me seeing linus struggle with it how weird it is

  8. Between msi rtx 2080 Ti x Trio and Gigabyte rtx 2080 Ti aorus Xtreme which one should I buy? (FOR 1440P GAMING).

  9. Damn, My respect to G-Sync

  10. A few things ..

    1 – I have that predator monitor that Linus first pointed to .. yaaay.

    2 – I've seen impressive examples like this before of what companies do to make quality products but the truth is it was more PR than something substantial. Having said that, this behind the scenes video seems fairly legit.

    3 – I'm still very skeptical that HDR is a thing that needs to exist. In examples I've seen before, the image comparisons show something that to me isn't depth so much as different colours. If displays before this weren't doing it right then they've ALL been getting made incorrectly and manufacturers have been lying to us about colour accuracy.

    4 – $50,000 test rig with accuracy to 0.1mm which is sitting on a paper pad and resting up against some random foam packaging block, hmmm. That thing looked unstable like it could fall off.

    5 – In the explanation about pixel values around 9:50 linus talks about guess work in calculating pixel value and also about look-up tables. Why do monitors need to do guess work?
    Couldn't they just add that data into the look-up table?

    6 – What's in the suitcase? ಠ_ಠ


  12. I watched the whole 30 second ad just for all you mofos at LMG. Worth it, though. Monitors.. so much in depth shit involved. Fascinating.

  13. Better than Free-Stink!!!!

  14. wouldnt all that testing mean that some gsync monitors shouldnt have unbearable blacklight bleeding?

  15. What are the advantages of GSYNC compared to something like RTSS Scanline Sync option?

  16. today on limus tech tips : Look how we lost trust into NVIDIA within their Top Secret Gaming Monitor Lab

  17. making BILLIONS OF $$$ and using 1$ mouse _Nvidia

  18. "ABCDEFG, this is why it isn't free."
    Very nice : P

  19. i tried a few freesync monitors, they all gave me headaches. now i know why. ended up getting an 34" alienware g sync monitor and i can play on this thing all day without eye strain or headaches.

  20. Was that Jensen Huang at 0:19, opening the door – bcoz it definatly looked like him … 😀 😀 😀

  21. wow Microsoft 3.0 LEGENDARY

  22. Magic box does magic

  23. Nvidia smelling of desperation here because Freesync is better and… tada: free.

  24. Guess my monitor doesn't pass the Timing Controller / TCON test, darn you Nvidia. Blanks out for a good few seconds. I wish it could run as well as it would on an ATI card. 2:48

  25. 0:17 he has a box then he gets robbed so by the time the man opens the door he has no box

  26. Looks like a shitty store room for something so hectic lol

  27. Is all that stuff in Linus' front pockets wife mandated libido reduction equipment for use while working with nubile injured engineer person?

  28. I wanna see the process for freesync for comparison

  29. 🤔 HHhhhhmmm. I didn't know Linus was now apart of Nvidia's marketing team. This show show change it's name to… NVIDIA SHILL TIPS!!!

  30. 1m views and only 38K likes 😂👍🏼 nice Linus

  31. i have a gsync display and now i know why they are so damn expensive

  32. So much complexity adds up with VRR and lcd fald backlights and hdr on top.
    A simple emissive MicroLED1000Hz+ display would remove all this need for complexity, since you'd no longer need VRR and no backlight either. /dream

  33. 8:07 millions of dollars budget. No money for a higher tripod.

  34. dude i can't even finish this one the music is so fucked

  35. one of the coolest videos !!! SO AWESOME way to go !

  36. Intresting tech,compared to the usual Smart TVs.

  37. I can't wait for a 10K display with a 1ghz refresh rate

  38. love how they have this really expensive equipment but then they have post it notes holding up the camera , and a box tapes to the side of there pc

  39. Linus carrying around so much expensive proprietary equipment made me so nervous.

  40. Okay sooo i have an issue and idk how to fix it so im hoping for some help

    I recently bought a GTX 1650 (yes i know, ugh 1650, but it was like 25% off on amazon)
    I was planning on upgrading all the way from a GT710 to the GTX1650

    The GT710 works just fine and always has. I followed the instructions on this video for the “upgrading” and now whenever i boot the PC with the GTX1650, it gives me a “no signal” error on my monitor

    Yet when the GT710 is back in, the pc works just fine

    The GTX1650 hasnt worked since I bought it, the fans spin and the card swithes on, its just after the screen that shows the MOBO logo that it says “no signal”

    GTX1650 4GB or GT710 2GB
    600W PSU
    8GB RAM
    I5 3.5 GHZ

    please help me

  41. Did anyone understand any of that? It was 13 mins of word salad.

  42. Why u reopload???

  43. TFT LED display's aren't all the same shit(if you look @ the basic you would say that lcd ips pannel it's just a damn active light filter) , if you have a simple 60 Hz refresh rate monitor then the sync between lcd and back light wouldn't be such of an fuss , most of TV's or display's now comes with this minimum value and don't need more then 2 led chains (all though you may see 4 wires going to the back light strip they actual do one chain in most 60hz cases). In the 140 Hz area refresh rate well this is a different story : the flicker of the back light must be precisely synced with the flicker of the tft panel + all other optical filters such light conductor, polarizer, diffuser etc. must be fine class light filters ass the main result would gradually differ .

    This video is about one of the first 4k monitor made in 2001:


  44. Nvidia tech tips

  45. That Microsoft 3.0 SO F*CKING SEXY

  46. 2:47 a Intellimouse 3.0 brings back memories from 2004ish

  47. Can you make a video explaining all the terminology you used in this video. I found very little info on the metrics used to qualify display quality and performance

  48. I want that hoodie

  49. Linus holding things in one hand scares me.

  50. im almost the millionth viewer…. Hey, if the millionth viewers sees this, comment or whatever.

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