Pros and cons to using Android Auto on a 2019 Honda Passport

The future of all autonomous driving will rely, at least in part, on your smartphone. There’s no question about it, because as humans, we already rely on our phones (sometimes to a degree that is quite frightening). We use them for everything, from ordering groceries to watching lame videos on TikTok (at least, if you’re under 20) or opening the front door of our homes.

That means, for autonomous cars, our phones will take center stage. Most likely, future phones will become a control center or at least the interface to controlling features, especially when we’re not in the car and need to summon it from the garage or send it on an errand.

That’s why I’m keenly interested in how both Google and Apple are working to improve their two car offerings (Android Auto and CarPlay).

Recently, Google announced a revamped version of Android Auto that will debut this summer with a new interface and more features, most of them related to making the interface on your car’s screen work…

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