The Endgame is Near for Phones

Thoughts on the state of phones right now in 2019.

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  1. Commoditization = Super cheap but stale smartphones. Would you want that?

  2. Me: what happens to all good phones?
    Apple and Samsung: Gone Reduced to Atoms

  3. I think companies should focus on software and only release new phones every other year. I remember there was rumors that LG was gonna do it but idk what happen.

  4. Apple customers are leaving for Android devices. Apple is dying because of their fraudulent actions. Screen is cracked oh buy a new one its cheaper than fixing it. LIARS!

  5. I bought my only smartphone just 2 yrs ago that came with 1000 prepaid minutes from TM for just $110 to be used as an emergency phone during a 2-month long trip to LV… it's an LG with earphone jack, microSD slot, plus replaceable battery! Don't care much for the camera function, personally 😯
    Compare to all these overpriced new models nowadays, I'm just going to buy additional batteries which are going for $7-8 brand new & stick it out as long as I can/need to!!

  6. But what could be the next revolution for smartphones ? Apart from a battery that last at least 3 days ?

  7. paying $1000 for a phone is moronic unless you have extra cash to burn and it doesn't effect you. otherwise a mid level phone is just better..

  8. the fingerprinter reader is in the display, once the front facing camera goes under the display, that's it. Just 5G and the phones will stop being innovative.

  9. Holographic displays, augmented reality, etc

  10. What goes up must comes down.

    After 10 years, smartphone market have finally reached it saturation point, what do you expect. There wont be another smartphone revolution unless something radically new, maybe "affordable foldables"?

  11. I bought a 50 pound phone (about 65 dollars) i have had it about 3-4 years were as any phone i had that cost more than 100 pounds broke within 6 months.

  12. Want me to buy a new smatphone? sell me something with a built in adblocker that Works, a phone that auto rejects telemarketing calls and texts, that has an intelligent volume app, that i can use hands free, and when i reply to a text -make the reply go to the person that just texted me not the last person i texted. start with that and you can have all my money.

  13. From my point of view phones were much more cheaper compared to nowadays thats why people cant afford the high ends, so sales are bad.

  14. The fact that people upgrade less frequently (if this is indeed true) is good because there will be less electronic waste and we already have too many other problems surrounding climate change. If we buy less frequently, hopefully the companies will wake up and design the devices so that they last longer, reducing waste, instead of implementing planned obsolescence….

  15. Cheers to China whose changing the smartphone world 👍 well done China well done and Thank You ! For being so competitive and showing these big suckers that we don't have to pay 1k for a sd 855 6gb ram and 4000 mah and triple camera setup instead we can buy them for 500 so why not !!? Thank you again …

  16. Iphone 8 plus price is 65000 in my country why anybody will buy your phone when your phone prices is this much

  17. People are gonna lap up new phones when 5G comes around even though in most countries, 4G is still crap.

  18. You are so right and i know that this was not you point but one fact you said convinced me to stay with samsung. You said that the user experience on most of the phones rather in the mid tear or high end range is similar to one another and i guess that is because all these other brands use the same software which is stock android I said it a thousand times the special user interfaces on samsung and apple is what makes them great and it is also the reason why they always stick out against the other brands because they are different they do not use stock android ans their own special user experience is what give most of the consumers this premium feeling

  19. Phone companies except Huawei forgot that there are poor people in this planet

  20. Smartphones aren’t just becoming commodities, they’re dying.
    Smartwatches and 5G tablets are where it’s at.

  21. This is going to result in a phone market crash

  22. I would never spend money on high premium phones. My max budget for a phone is under $300. However, I would like to see more nfc on budget tier phones.

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