The NEW Folding Flip Phone

With Samsung Galaxy Fold problems in mind, these are my thoughts on the upcoming Motorola RAZR – A folding flip phone with a completely different kind of hinge.
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  1. I dunno if you can use this mechanism along the spine of a big phone, but this looks like a better way to fold phones right now.

  2. I'd rather see an actually working, portable AR glasscontact lense

  3. If this Razr can perform well in real world i think its a winner, might breathe some life back into motorola. It's going to sell if simply from memory laners, or actual demand.

  4. What was old, is new again.

  5. Hopefully a small phone. So tired of these giant phones.

  6. I want that razr. It's sexy. Legs closed….and legs open… It's perfect. And I loved the old Razr phones. Bought one for my wife back then. It was about 150 Deutsche Mark…
    But let's face it they will make the new one so expensive you wouldn't want one.

  7. all i want is an sdcard reader, headphone jack, huge battery capacity, and a high resolution screen. but no, we get notches and fake screen protectors and and dongles.

  8. I get why you chose that title, but… don't all flip phones fold?

  9. i would like a 5" 90% s2b… but its not coming

  10. That dipping screen loop though… you cant have a battery behind that… so you need two batteries or a smaller battery… phone setups would have to change a lot

  11. The Moto Razr is syfy-retro Product. Something that is missing in the industry.

  12. The Samsung fold reminds me of the Nokia 9300.
    Not feeling these folding smartphones at all

  13. with the big screens today, this seems o good solution to have it at least compact in the pocket. but still the screens are already to big to easily touch on them. i really liked the vertical slider the palm pre had. wish we could have some modern option like this again.

  14. It's the only folding phone I am interested in.

  15. I personally want a compact phone. If I need a tablet I will use a tablet. Looking forward to the Razr.

  16. If I want a big screen I'll use my iPad or tv

  17. Still rocking a Pantech Breeze flip phone and using the library for internet like a real man…

  18. i would really love if they put new technolgy into some of the old phones like the slider from Verizon the phone neo used in the movie the matrix dont know in particular what model it is,but all im saying is lets see some new sliders and rzr two thumbs up..

  19. I might leave my iPhone X for that phone. It looks beautiful.

  20. Screens break easy give me a folding phone.

  21. definitely a normal phones that gets smaller

  22. These phones are underrated

  23. How is the thing at 2:00 named?

  24. Is alright that I would agree with me to looking at different phones.

  25. This is sooo cool! I would totally buy it!

  26. I like the slab of glass I've got, but if this technology matures a bit, I'd love to have a folding phone in my pocket so I have more room for earbuds and other such accessories!
    My wishlist for a folding phone:
    – Durable (I'd like it last the full 2 years of my device payment plan, preferably longer)
    – uncompromising specs (A folding phone is great, but I'd rather it not be slow and already obsolete fresh out of the box)
    – Pocketable (What's the point of a folding phone if you can't fit it in a pocket? At that point, just carry an LTE tablet in a bag!)


  28. Hmm…I Want This Smartphone But It's Too EXPENSIVE…I GOT AN IDEA!
    Take a tape,take my smartphone,take my flipphone,tape my smartphone on flipphone,IM DONE.NOW I GONNA FLIP.

  29. I will like the followed up!

  30. I LOVE flip phones. Hope it's priced at a reasonable range 😅

  31. I just would like to touch and try one already. I'm really excited about this new kind of technology.

  32. TAYQ: It would depend on my intentions for use, of course. I think for typical everyday use I would prefer the typical-to-smaller transformation. If I was planning to do some creative work, like video editing or sketching, I would choose the typical-to-larger transformation.

    This design is very cool, and I am imagining some unique implementations:

    1) Imagine this loop curl alone the spine, as you mention, and being able to store a stylus within it.

    2) Imagine a much larger screen, curling up within a long tube, so it rolls out like a stiff projector screen. This would be good for digital maps and apps for which you would want a larger display.

    There are many more related ideas floating through consciouspace, I am sure.

    In Benevolence,
    Devin The Mindful Mage

  33. Just a flip phone

  34. Black Mirror s5ep1 anyone?

  35. I am in for one of these, current single panel phones are to big. We have gone from carrying a brick around back in the 80's to carrying a door panel. Progress !

  36. I think folding phones should focus on having a tough outer case, so if you drop it, the movement and magnets would make it shut and it would survive a fall.

    I'm pretty keen on RAZR and seeing what it can do 🙂

  37. So wait we're regressing back to flip phones?

  38. the screen would be in plastic instead of glass in order for it to be foldable

  39. Personally, I am much more interested in a regular size phone turning smaller when not in use. I've never had the need when I am out and about to have my phone turn into a tablet. Now, this doesn't mean that applies to everyone and I am sure for some, having your phone turn into a mini tablet might have real life applications, like for your job. However, it seems to me that for the most part, the selling point seems to be more leisure-focused (e.g. being able to consume media on a bigger screen when you are out).

  40. The fact that it's a Razr will mean that everybody wants one, and having one will make you cool AF…
    Like the iphone in 2007

  41. Black Mirrors brought me here

  42. I'd rather just get a Oneplus 7 pro 12 ram and 256 storage once and stop there.

  43. Hey, I just subbed today! I'm thinking I would prefer the razr type over the larger phone. The idea of a phone with a full screen that would more easily fit in my pocket would be amazing IMHO.

  44. It would be nice to have the portability.

  45. This one looks like a iphone x

  46. caution moto users please be careful my motorola phone almost burnt me up and they blocked me on motorola for speaking the truth

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