The WEIRDEST mouse we’ve ever seen…

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The WEIRDEST mouse we’ve ever seen… 1
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35 Comments on “The WEIRDEST mouse we’ve ever seen…”

  1. My customers use the rollermouse. I work as tech support btw. Its an interesting product but its a pain to fix. Too many driver issues and in general a pain to connect to computers.

  2. I had a work colleague who had a mouse similar to that. She used to complain that keyboard, and voice activated software, would "freeze".

    The online IT support couldn't help.

    In the end it took someone to visit her at a desk, and observe her at work.

    It was quickly spotted that her very prominent "front" was rolling the roll bar, every time she moved forward to look at her screen.

    This mouse is used by many people who physically are unable to use a standard mouse.

    If everything computer application was fully usable, and accessible, from keyboard shortcuts it would make life much easier for people like me who have a Work Related Upper Limb Disorder/Repetitive Strain Injury, and find using a standard mouse very painful to use.

  3. Tech companies seem to think humans are made out of dusk and rotted plywood who are all dominated by RSI and life-altering arthritis. My arm is DESIGNED to rotate, we literally evolved those bones and joints to do that. Who the fuck are these poor crippled old men that keyboard and mouse manufacturers are interviewing to get design ideas?

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