How to Not SMASH Your PC

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  1. As a truck delivery man IT IS POSSIBLE TO WRITE OUTSIDE THE BOX WITH RED FRAGILE that kinda gets to your eye smh ALSO YOU CAN WRITE IT CONTAINS GLASS OR MIRRORS you know just for safety😂😂😂

  2. LINUS you forgot #4 you PC then take every thing out of the PC TOWER first off remove the CPU cooler. then remove the graphic card. then remove DDR4 DIMS and then remove all the cables power cables and the SATA cables. remove hard drive and SSD then remove the motherboard. then once the motherboard is removed clean off the CPU remove the CPU get your motherboard box that it comes with put on that plastic shield that goes on the CPU socket. repack the motherboard in the box it comes with. then remove the power supply. if any power cables can be remove from the power supply. please do so. and place the cables in the bag that it comes with and place the power supply and the cables in the box it comes with. the hard drive if it comes with the box use it. if its a OEM like my hard drive. I saved the packing should come with a fancy bubble bag. that NEWEGG,. every box and all the packing bags and what not. you will end up with a huge pile of boxes all ready to be moved. The case will be in its own box that it comes with. then put all the boxes that contain your parts go in a bigger box;. then the monitor will be in the box it comes with. in total you will be moving only three boxes not 50 boxes in all kinds of sizes.

  3. I feel like I was writing this episode with you guys, I recently left my country to study abroad and had to take my much loved desktop with me, I don't know how this happened but I was thinking the things (not all ofc) you were saying right before you said them, thanks for the top-notch content and I'll for sure be taking some points into considerations when I move my PC again.

  4. most of the abuse from shipping comes from the manual handling steps sorting delivery etc, something that big and heavy will be dropped several times so keep that in mind when packing it

  5. Whenever I drive with my PC, usually from home to college every fall and spring, I just pack clothes into my pc case, not only to protect my components from any bumps or small impacts, but also for extra storage for my clothes when moving. I would never do this if I were shipping my PC, but is this bad practice? I figure that since my pc will be in a controlled environment (e.g. my car) only traveling for about an hour at a time, that would be just fine. And so far, I've had no problems.

  6. As a student that goes home frecuently by airplane I made a mini itx machine (case Silverstone sg13b), with logitech K380, mouse Logitech G503 with a cheap 1080p second monitor. Everything fit in a normal-large backpack that I carry with me. No absorbent material inside pc, no boxes. 3 years with lots of travels without any problem.

  7. Did you not advise against your sponsor in the blind test earlier? I know a sponsor is a sponsor and you have provided the needed information previously just seems contradictory to me.

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