Let’s Look At The iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 is across the nook. Here’s a take a look at one of the best iPhone Apple will make this yr. Looking at fashions of the iPhone XI, Max and R and the brand new triple digicam system
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  1. Is this new iPhone enough? Think it sell well?

  2. Apple can't really do anything right now

  3. you are absolutely right: new phone = old phone with 1 more feature, is it worth it? objectively no but millions people are there to be on … TOP, so they will buy, worry not 😉

  4. Stupid Looking Phone 🤭

  5. Looks like a phone with tumor

  6. I love iPhones but I will pass on this one. Those cameras are hideous.

  7. Ooh shit that was you! I saw you yesterday after noon around 7pm walking away from Yonge and Bloor with your family! I only realized after seeing you wear this same t shirt!

  8. Apple died with Steve Jobs.

  9. It's a good time, to not be an Apple Sheep…….

  10. The new iPhone will probably be the ugliest iPhone

  11. Salty that Android had better cameras so they had do make the exact same phone again, just with a better camera. How are apple phones purchased lmao

  12. Previous video : I've Escaped from Apple
    This video : Let's Look At The iPhone 11

  13. Apple needs to fire the iPhone design team immediately.

  14. If they do 120hz on the screen then I’ll upgrade and so many more people would to but probably not going to until 2020

  15. Android OEMS: USB C Folding Phones pinhole cutout underdisplay fingerprint sensor 90hz display
    Apple: iPhone X with a wide angle camera…
    Apple: "WhY aRe SaLeS bElOw ExPeCtAtIoNs"

  16. Wait, i dont get it, Dave got some real IPhone 11 to preview or is it just some chinese production based on leaks? ^^'

  17. iPhone 11 is ugly. Apple is fk.

  18. Perks of being a half Chinese…..you know where to get the prototype stuff before the whole world.

  19. Isn't that the Huawei mate 20 type camera but one less?

  20. Is this man standing or sitting. Can’t tell lmao

  21. i don't understand why companies are focusing only on cameras and processors and all these not so relevant features (these are important but still..) and not focusing on the features that will actually make a "phone" a "smartphone". feeling really sad on seeing this. there was a time when Samsung used to give features like hand gestures. users could actually scroll the screen using their eye motions (whatever that thing is termed as). but what can "we" do. still.. love your videos. love from INDIA.

  22. Just realised that he’s actually standing in all of his videos, not sitting.

  23. 5:58 Summary of apple
    "Apple is really good at marketing stuff and selling people what they don't need"

  24. I ike iphone 8. why did bezels have to go away?

  25. sure do talk a lot about Apples products on this channel

  26. oh my,new iphones are so ugly!!!!!!!!

  27. I laughed hard while he showed the picture for "iPhone xs- RIP "😂

  28. What about 3D Touch ?

  29. Dave: I escaped from Apple.
    Also Dave: Talks about an upcoming apple phone the very next video.

  30. No way on Earth that I’m buying that.

  31. Have a oneplus 6t just waiting on pixel 4

  32. still a notch and lightning port, i'll bet they even do a 5w charger

  33. same bis ass notch ??
    welcome to 2017

  34. Dave we know you said dont get an rtx laptop but can you make a video on which to get if you were?

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