Let’s Look At The iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 is across the nook. Here’s a take a look at one of the best iPhone Apple will make this yr. Looking at fashions of the iPhone XI, Max and R and the brand new triple digicam system
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36 Comments on “Let’s Look At The iPhone 11”

  1. you are absolutely right: new phone = old phone with 1 more feature, is it worth it? objectively no but millions people are there to be on … TOP, so they will buy, worry not 😉

  2. Ooh shit that was you! I saw you yesterday after noon around 7pm walking away from Yonge and Bloor with your family! I only realized after seeing you wear this same t shirt!

  3. Android OEMS: USB C Folding Phones pinhole cutout underdisplay fingerprint sensor 90hz display
    Apple: iPhone X with a wide angle camera…
    Apple: "WhY aRe SaLeS bElOw ExPeCtAtIoNs"

  4. i don't understand why companies are focusing only on cameras and processors and all these not so relevant features (these are important but still..) and not focusing on the features that will actually make a "phone" a "smartphone". feeling really sad on seeing this. there was a time when Samsung used to give features like hand gestures. users could actually scroll the screen using their eye motions (whatever that thing is termed as). but what can "we" do. still.. love your videos. love from INDIA.

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